Why Time

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

WHY the right moment

As I sit here on a cool November morning visualizing an upcoming inspirational talk that I am delivering in 2 days, I am reminded as to the power of the right moment.  I'm enjoying the perfect cup of coffee made from freshly ground coffee beans that are delivered to Angela and I every couple of weeks. The temperature of this cup of coffee in this moment is ideal however, if I don't pause during the writing of this mornings BLOG then I will miss out on savoring every drop. Life for me can be summed up by conditioning yourself by continually grinding your beans also known as perfecting your craft to then be able to savor and be the moments that take your breath away.

I have invested well over 10,000 hours grinding my beans through writing and publishing 13 books, interviewing and coaching hundreds of entrepreneurs for my Defyeneurs magazine and delivering thousands of inspirational talks across the globe. 

When my moment arrives like the upcoming inspirational talk in 2 days I will be more than ready to brew the most impact full delivery to an inspired audience. Each delegate will savor the richness and flavor of every word, action, pause and bursts of inspiration. This is what I have trained for everyday of every week 12 months a year for the past 7 years. When my moments surface and they do quite often, I don't walk towards them - I leap in fully present to the moment. In that space time is an illusion as I become the moment that I had visualized and intended to create so many years ago. I am filled with gratitude for what has manifested - it's not random why I am here being and doing what my heart desires and what I crave. I have taken 100% responsibility for the person that I am today, now, here in this moment I am alive and filled with so much love and able to project that outwards to the people that are ready to receive it. 

Your doors of opportunity are everywhere and always opening for you welcoming you to step into your greatness. You may not see it right now but they are there responding to what is in your heart and what you have been longing for. Embrace it and savour these beautiful moments it's WHY you are here.