Why Time

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Release the Breaks

What makes Santa's sleigh soar high into the sky? Well according to the elves in the North it's belief in the unseen. Last night Angela and I spent an inspired evening with our Freedom team surrounding them with belief and love. My primary message to these extraordinary souls was to believe in their vision and their ability to draw to them the very thing they are seeking. No matter where you are in your life and how far that goal may seem for you now know and believe that it's possible. No that when you tap into the energy of the universe great things happen and you are surrounded with light and energy from others who have a desire to lift you up on their shoulders for the world to see. 

This is always the world I imagined - even at a young age - a world inspired where we all live and love from our hearts not just from our minds. This is a new ROI for  the world that I define as: Reach Out and  Inspire others.  Today release what no longer serves you. Release the fear, the hurt, the wrong doing, the past regrets, the failed starts all of it and leave nothing behind but a beautiful blank canvass ready for you to fill it up with all of the colours of your life. Release the breaks and jump on board with total and relentless belief in yourself, we are standing by wide-eyed with our heads tilted to the sky with great anticipation for the life that you are about to create.