Why Time

Monday, January 12, 2015

The WORLD needs your DREAM

No one believed in Henry Ford's vision for the Motor Car. Steve Job's own Board of Directors forced him to abandon the idea of the personal computer. Thomas Edison failed over 10,000 times in attempting to design the light bulb, Walt Disney's family begged him to abandon his whimsical pursuit for Disney Land and Richard Branson was fired from his Newspaper job. Inside each one of these DEFYeneurs lived a burning desire to make a difference in the world. They defied the system by defining themselves and their belief that they could elevate the human race. Inside you is a DREAM that is waiting to take flight and light up the sky. No one around you has to get it only you do. No one else has the right to hold you back from reaching for the stars and envisioning a better life for yourself. 

Where would the world of music be without the Mozart's. Where would innovation in flight and space travel be without the Wright Brothers? Where would our deeper understanding of the universe be without Galileo and Stephen Hawking? Where would our compassion for our fellow abandoned human beings be without the love and selfless acts of Mother Teresa? The world is a manifestation of our dreams, creativity and belief that we as a species are meant for more. The universe is our reflector and our mirror representing what we believe to be true and taking action as co-creators. Our time here is so limited and so fragile. Everyday that we can use our eyes to marvel at all the colours of the world is miraculous. Every moment that we can breathe air into our lungs and give birth to a new human life is a gift from the heavens. Everything in our world is a result of a handful of individuals and their never ending belief and willingness to face fear, ridicule and failure in pursuit of human advancement. Today ask yourself where would you be if you weren't part of someone's dream? The World is Helped by You when you understand WHY