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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Communicate like a champion

Everyone inside of us has a story to share and a legacy to live - what is yours? What binds us all as a species is our need for connection and to be heard.  Each one of us has tremendous power to reach out and inspire others, this is our true calling and a global ROI that we can collectively forge.   This mornings WHY BLOG calls out to all the leaders that have the power to reach up (not down) and connect everyday people that feel alone and disconnected.  

As a leader your first priority is to see everyone as equals. Break down the hierarchy and lose the titles.  The only title that you need is: I'm here to serve you.  The power of communication and connection is what will advance this 'connection age' that we've been living in.  Mother Teresa lived with an ability and a mission to connect the loneliest of the lonely.  
As a leader there is a beautiful humility in surrendering the EGO that Edges God Out from your heart and does not serve your greater reason for being.  As a leader you have an ability and a choice to inspire others around you to look up a bit higher than they did yesterday.

Strive to communicate like a champion - What have you got to win?   

Wednesday, March 30, 2016


I recently delivered an inspirational talk to an explosive group of leaders.  They had been together for two days, connecting at whole new levels.  The event was beautifully planned and executed.  I was honoured to be the closing key note with one primary mission: Inspire the HELL out of this crowd. Needless to say my closing key note really hit a home run. It was chalk-full of raw and enthusiastic energy.  With every key note the inspiration starts well in advance.  Weeks of contemplation, research with the client and deep meditation on what I want the audience to experience.  

I've come to the realization that an event can be a powerful catalyst to ignite real change.  They possess tremendous 'sticky power' that inspires a team to live the energy far after the event has concluded. An event can be a living, breathing fury of energy.  Sure they come and go but an event that places inspiration at the forefront with a goal of reconnecting its leaders to WHY they exist and what really matters, can take an organization to whole new levels. 

There are 5 main capillaries that are nourished by an organizations WHY POWER - serving as the nerve centre and oxygen source: 1) Innovative thinking  2) Collaboration 3) Communication 4) Brand Essence 5) Culture.  

Collectively, these 5 capillaries become a symbiotic energy that creates and fuels a thriving tribe.  This energy breathes life in to an organizations life force.  It's a daily reminder to connect everyone to the reason they exist and in this fast-paced connection age that we live in, its even more essential that you STICK with what matters.  

The inspiration and connection of your team at newer and deeper levels needs to make its way to the top of the heap. Stick with what matters and lead yourself and your team knowing WHY.  

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

What are you seeking?

One of the themes that weaves throughout my latest book- I don't know what the hell I'm doing is what are you seeking?   It's a great way to step into the life that you desire to create.  Decide to become the very thing you're seeking. This was the energy that propelled my inspirational life and way of being, forward. Just sit and close your eyes and allow the energy of this question to permeate your mind ~ "What am I seeking?" 

We are conditioned at a young age to pursue a path that is in no way aligned with the things that bring us joy, peace and fulfillment.  You may question this point of view in that you think you love what you do.  As human beings we experience a sense of satisfaction from getting things done.  Checking off our list of todo's is like a temporary hit of dopamine, on to the next thing.  Again I urge you to live this question ~ What are you seeking? 

Months of living this question will surprisingly ignite new realizations for how you wish to be in this world.  You will start becoming the very thing that you're seeking.  Greater levels of love will surround you for you will become love itself.  What I know for certain is that we've been given one opportunity to experience life.  The question is what will you do with this gift? How will you live it?

Monday, March 28, 2016

What path do you need to be on?

What's the path that you need to start walking? You may have seen it but simply chose to walk an easier, more comfortable path.  You're not alone yet to live the purpose that you're seeking you alone have to walk it.  The key is to become one with it.  You have to become what you're seeking. 

Getting on the path means you need to let go of everything that has been holding you back all these years.  Who you are now, where you are in all areas of your life is the result of the path you chose to take years ago.  There's no need to blame others for your current situation.  Instead, flow your energy into a new sail.  Key in a new GPS that harnesses your passion, purpose and the outcomes you wish to create in others as your coordinates.  Imagine your energy being filled with tremendous joy and meaning knowing that together they can inspire life-changing outcomes in others.  

It's your path, it's always been there and the moment you decide to walk it your life will take on new meaning. 

Friday, March 25, 2016

What signs are showing up?

The moment you start to [focus] on what you want most in your life and more importantly, WHY you will start attracting the WAY.  What feelings, inklings or signs have been showing up for you? Are you paying attention to it? 

The key is to become aware of what you are creating so you can experience greater levels of syncronicity.  People, resources and the inspiration that you require are all going to present themselves so embrace these gifts.  Recognize them by being thankful, express tremendous gratitude every night for their arrival and receive them.  

The fastest way to accelerate these signs of synchronicity is to journal all of your daily events with tremendous gratitude.  

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Nothing happens until you decide WHAT

The first insight that I share in my latest book: 'I don't know what the HELL I'm doing' is deciding WHAT you want.  Sounds easy enough right? When I raise  this question during WHY time sessions, most struggle to find the answer.  I'm not referring to the shopping list of material items: a bigger house, longer vacations, a new car...I'm referring to how you want to live your days. What will fulfill you?  What kind of legacy do you desire to create? What do you want to feel lying on your death bed?  

The end is inevitable and for some of us that may not be too far off so start to contemplate this question: Did my life matter? Did it have meaning? Was it consumed with regret or overflowing with passion and purpose? With a new season upon us, you have the opportunity to guide your sail in a new direction so what course will you set? Here's the thing - Seasons change and so can you.  

Most people will resist living this question ~ What do I really want as a result of their lives being on auto pilot. They are to busy staying busy meeting the demands of the  over consumed life they have created.  The wheel just keeps turning faster and faster and the pressure to keep up is overwhelming.  Your neighbors will tell you it's far easier to remain within this matrix then leap off. 

It takes a defying gravity kind of attitude to step out of the comfort zone and create a new way of seeing the world. That's the greatest thing about being human - you get to choose how you want to be.  This is your time NOW to decide what you truly want most so you can then take action and live it.  

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Believe in the unseen

"What the mind can see and believe you can achieve." Napolean Hill

Belief and the theme of believing in the unseen have become a driving theme throughout my life.  Everything else resonates from this one fundamental and foundational principle.  Nothing can enter your life without first believing it's possible.  Any idea, innovation or discovery was first planted in an individual's mind from a desire and an intention to create change.  Believing in the unseen is the force behind all creation. 

There lives an energy between the state of reality, the 'seen' world and the subconscious mind or the 'unseen' world.  This domain is where your true power resides.  Believe in yourself, your capabilities and unseen ability to transcend yourself.  I love this word 'transcendence' defined as existing beyond the physical level.  So how do you tap into this unseen domain where your true creative power lives ~ through a daily practice of meditation, stillness and visualization.  Simply let be and let go. Feel yourself connecting to this deeper place and know that it's possible to see your desired creation manifest into the 'seen' world. Remember, everything exists as possibility waiting to be realized.  As the energy of the universe whispers into your soul through the energy of inspiration - act.  That is your role to act within this inspired state and realize your possibility.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Tap into it.

Inside of you is something so profound, so brilliant waiting to be revealed.  You are your best kept secret.  You are the greatest unwrapped gift under the tree.  The challenge is that you simply are unaware that you are unaware.  I call this an opportunity to reveal your deeper purpose in this world.  

So how do we start? Where do we go from here? My goal is to IGNITE that dormant seed that lives deep inside of you. Similar to the 'imaginal cells' responsible for igniting and transforming a caterpillar into a butterfly, you have the ability to transcend.   

The only thing holding you back from experiencing significant change is you.  Every moment of your existence is a choice to tap into this inner- power.  I know you've felt it. Like a splinter in your mind you've always known that you are here to BE something more profound than just paying the bills.  

Your sitting exactly where the great ones sat before they tapped into it.  Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King and even Gandalf the Grey all pondered this same question. They started out just like you, they breathed the same air, witnessed the same sun sets and eventually came to the realization that they wanted to serve the world with their special gifts.  They believed they were unique and that the world would be helped by them.  

The key to tapping into it is to become aware of your gifts to create your life and influence the outcomes:
Believe it's possible.  Take powerful action everyday day, RECEIVE the gifts that show up in your life and inspire others to do the same.  

Monday, March 21, 2016

Create it NOW

Who you are right now is the person you chose to be not so long ago.  The great thing is you can choose NOW and decide how you want to live and love.  Who you choose to be NOW will influence the actions that create the habits that lead to the behaviours. These series of intentional events are not disconnected will directly influence who you will be in the upcoming years.  

You know the expression 'you are what you eat' well, the same philosophy holds true for 'you become what you think.'

What if you came to the sudden realization that you didn't have much time left? Think about it: you wouldn't waste one moment of your precious life.  Knowing that you don't have much time left is the perfect opportunity to go inward and decide what you want most so you can starting taking inspired action NOW to create your life.  

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Connect to your source

If you are feeling alone, disconnected then it's time to reconnect to your deeper source.  So what the hell is this source anyway? It's your deeper self. It's your nerve centre that was born already knowing what fires you up and grounds you. Your source whispers in your ear. It's the intuitive nudge from within. Your source is what connects you to everything else around you. 

So how do you stay connected to it? First, you need to set an intention to connect with it everyday.  Next, is to believe that you are far bigger than the meat suit you are wearing. You are a being of light and unbridled possibility.   Instead of hitting the snooze alarm - you can kick start your day by spending the first 15 minutes in complete stillness. Some call it meditation. It's hard at first pushing out all that noise inside your head.  Your source is far more powerful and staying connected to it provides you with the balance and flow that you're seeking.  

Another way to stay connected to your source is by saying NO to all the daily distractions and YES to only the few activities that bring you tremendous joy and a greater sense of purpose and meaning. Your source ~ it's in you to live. 

Monday, March 7, 2016

What are you looking at?

Everyday we have a choice to take one more step towards the direction of creating our lives. It's easy to get distracted and taken off courses. What are you choosing to look at everyday? What visuals, words and vision boards are you surrounding yourself with, reminding you of the path that you set out on? You have to [fixate] on the end prize.  See and feel the end result as if it's already occurred.  
I like to think of these visual reinforcements as 'cue cards' for the life that I'm creating.  When I look at them
I feel that I've already created it and you know what - I have! The moment that I lit the candle and ignited an intention to be a creator of my life, is the moment that my intention became realized.   Everyday I let the energy of the universe flow through me.  I'm at peace and in flow with it. This knowing guides my inspired actions and keeps me fixated on the end prize.  

What do you need to look at everyday to help keep you on track?  

Friday, March 4, 2016

Be the one to see it

Everything starts with a vision. You have to be the one to first see it and intend it or it won't have the thrust to break through the surface.  You might be waiting for others to do it for you but that's not going to get you anywhere.  You have to LEAD yourself especially during the toughest times which is probably right now! 

Here's the thing, you're not alone. You're on a path to defining yourself so you have to get crystal clear on what the journey and the end destination looks and more importantly, feels like.  You may have heard this before but that doesn't mean your being it.  That's the problem with knowledge - it keeps us from becoming wise and wisdom is the daily act of doing it.  

My favourite daily ritual is to visualize it. Create your vision board using all shapes and sizes and surround yourself with them.  In your pocket, on your car dash board, a book marker with a one line statement.  Like most people you may have probably only done a surface job with it. You put a bit of energy to creating it and you hardly look at it.  Everyday, you want to see it, feel it and smile with your heart knowing that you're taking action and living it. 

Be the one that sees it in every detail. You need to decide on the WHAT - WHO and WHERE.  

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

What MARK will you make on the world?

Have you ever had a dream that seemed so real? You were on stage receiving recognition for the contribution you made to us all.  What if it wasn't a dream? What if it was your soul whispering to you to act now through your special gifts, your purpose? 

We often receive little glimpses, inklings and feelings about the path that we're meant to be on.  This is our souls way of waking us up to our underlining potential. We weren't  put on this earth to exist for the weekends and pay homage to the shopping mall.  We were meant to connect, contribute, love and dream. We were not created to play small. We are part of the human race and the human race is filled with great passion.  

The only thing stopping you from deciding that you can make your mark on this world is you getting out of your way.  You need to remove the fear and replace it with love.  You need to believe that it's possible and recondition your mind with new, positive beliefs that drive your thoughts.  You need to embrace the energy of not needing to know what the hell you are doing and trust that your daily actions will ignite the how, the who and the way. 

As we close off this mornings WHY BLOG - live this question: What do I want to be remembered for?