Why Time

Sunday, December 23, 2012


The Year 2012 celebrates the DAWN of DEFYENEURS.  This year, I launched 2 official books: THINQ - Live the Question and the first official DEFYENEURS Book: Season 1.  I had the pleasure of collaborating with DEFYENEURS on the launch of their books: Significant Sexy Salads with Angela Kontgen, With the Stroke of a Pen, Claim your Life - Jane Blaufus and The Blueprints of Invisibility with Roxanne Derhodge.  In 2012 we launched 12 inspired TANKS, a BIG THINK YOUTH Event and expanded Thursday TANKS into Edmonton, AL and Niagara Falls, ON.  We launched a success event series called Energy Infusions with Angela Kontgen and a BIG DIG Event series with Erika Caspersen.  In 2012 we launched the official DEFYENEURS MAG and released 2 editions.

In 2012, we ignited over 15 inspired brands with DEFYENEURS and ignited close to 25 DEFYENEURS.  Congratulations to all that have stepped into their life and made 2012 a memorable year to remember.  Thank you to all that have been a part of this inspired movement of entrepreneurs.