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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

rethink R.O.I

rethink R.O.I - ME to MANY

Rethink R.O.I.: ME to MANY

This article was inspired by an extraordinary young lady that I had the pleasure of inspiring at a recent event in Canada.  Nothing is random and once we recognize that everyone we meet is a teacher, the universe will open up a world of possibilities and potential.   I continue to imagine a world inspired.  This is no longer a concept rooted deeply into my cerebellum.  I take extraordinary daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual action to live a life of inspiration.  As I continue inspiring world-wide through the Defyeneurs™ movement, I look for ways to shine a light on the world though our monthly event series - The TANK™, our extraordinary book series and our publications.   In this state of being, I am experiencing a shift in the world's energy from ME to MANY.  Defyeneurs™ was conceived out of the notion that no one should ever feel alone - we are all connected and greatness is not reserved for the few but for the many.  It is my hope that one day the world embraces and replaces 'Entrepreneurs with Defyeneurs™'.  Defyeneurs™ are inspired entrepreneurs that know and live their WHY everyday.  (The World Helped by You).  They are focused on giving their energy to the benefit of the world.  This is what drives their daily R.O.I.  They embrace an inspired and collaborative mindset and understand that the world needs a new and inspired way of being. 

We live in a time where a shift in the world’s energy is moving from ME to MANY.  My state of being is centered around pouring myself into the benefit of others, inspiring them to be the best that they can be so they give permission to others to do the same.  I envision a world inspired and that brings me tremendous joy. Why? What you focus on expands. What you believe is reality. What you bring into your conscience has ALREADY been created. A world inspired is not about R.O.I.  A world inspired is about believing that greatness is everyone's birthright. A world inspired is about shedding fear and doubt, scarcity and lack. These illusions no longer serve a world that is meant to thrive. All of the latest cell phone innovations and apps that continue to create even greater voids of space between us does very little at connecting the human race and contributing to a world inspired. Remember the famous ad - Reach out and Touch Someone - if you truly want to connect with peoples’ hearts - reach out and find someone that feels alone and help them feel that they are connected and surrounded by love and light.

I have a new way of approaching R.O.I that I am inspired to share with you. I refer to it as:
Reach Out. Inspire.  The new R.O.I for the world is about Reaching Out and Inspiring Others to be extraordinary.  This is an inspired way of being with only one expected outcome: to make others feel connected to something larger than themselves.   Just imagine the world asking and living the following questions: 

·       How can the world benefit from my energy, from my unique gifts and my passion?
·       How can the World be helped by me?
·       How can I shine a light on others?

The next time you approach the concept of R.O.I - ask those around you and more importantly yourself, how can I reach out and inspire others with my passion and my purpose?  The World is ready to be helped by you.

Gerry Visca, Canada’s Creative Coach®
Inspirational Speaker | Author | Founder of Defyeneurs™