Why Time

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Your imperfection is perfect!

We live in an age where the pressures of needing to have it all figured out is creating higher levels of stress. Ask yourself: "Are you truly happier and fulfilled trying to keep up with the Joneses?"
Is being defined by your rank, job title and square footage really giving you a glimpse into who you really are and what you desire to be? 

You were born as pure perfection. The air in your lungs, a mind to think with and the gift of sight is a miracle in itself. We take these daily wonders for granted simply because they exist. Marvel at the wonder of your life and how you get to participate and contribute your gifts in it everyday. 

We're all living it, this daily thing called life. Everyday we have the privilege to touch, love, see, feel and dance our way throughout the universe. Living with the illusion of perfection is of little relevance. As human beings, the imperfection of taking chances, falling and failing is what makes our existence so perfect-so brilliant.