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Friday, November 18, 2011

The Power to realize your [Little Dream]

Red TIP Article – The Power to realize your [Little Dream]

I published a tip last week titled the Power of Persistence and spoke of select individuals taking action. I received incredible feedback that resonated with readers. As an extension to that tip I wanted to share with you the power to move your dreams forward. So many great ideas start off with a ‘little dream’…and gain momentum through inspired action and the Power of Persistence. Every great idea started off with a little dream by individuals that were told their idea was impossible to realize. The first night FEDEX was in business they only moved 15 packages…The Beatles were turned down by the DECA recording studio…Michael Jordon was cut from his high-school basketball team. Thomas Edison was told by his teachers that he was to stupid to learn anything…Walt Disney was fired from his newspaper job because he lacked imagination…Richard Branson was laughed at by his colleagues when he started his newspaper job.
Inspired action is a powerful force that helps you build momentum. Every dream starts off small and like a snow ball, it builds incredible momentum and increases with size. Inch by inch move yourself closer to your dream. It starts with you and it continues with you day by day. When others are laughing at you and criticizing your dreams – stay focused and move yourself forward inch by inch. But you need to start NOW to move your dream forward and realize its full potential. There is something so magnificent – so wonderful within the power of creating your life and sticking to your dream even when others around you feel you don’t have the right to manifest that dream. As I continue to live my little dream of creatively inspiring the world to action – I listen and speak from the heart. If I listened to all the external voices around me I would have continued on ‘simply existing’ and working in an architectural office that was not my passion or my life purpose. I would not be living the magical life that I feel each and every day.
Living your life purpose and realizing your little dream means that you need to take action every day, week, month and year. By living it each and every day you are moving yourself closer to realizing your dream. The journey becomes the destination as a result of living your life purpose. Before you know it – 5 years have faded away into the wind and where will you be? What will you have accomplished? What will you have created for yourself? Since time does not stand still and we are all living this daily thing called life…why not live each day on purpose knowing that you are moving yourself closer to realizing that little dream.

What one thing could you start doing today that if you started it would generate the incredible momentum that would soon change your life?