Why Time

Friday, November 28, 2014

Flow with life

Things show up in all of our lives at times when we least expect it. Events , circumstances and changes can easily throw us off course in any given moment. The key is to embrace change by being in a state of flow with the energy of the universe. Once you love everything that shows up, the discomfort , the temporary pain and even the joy you will be in flow with a new rhythm that will take you to where you need to be. Change is the path to growth - and growth is the only evidence of life. Without change we cannot reinvent ourselves or uncover the deeper purpose that awaits us. Being in a constant state of flow with the energy of your life means you need to become more intentional about your thoughts, your reactions and your choices. Many of you have asked to play big and change significant areas in your life: finances, relationships, personal development. The key is to embrace everyone and everything on your path as a great teacher sent to you to help you fulfill your awesome legacy. 

You are meant for more. Today breathe in all of the miracles of your life and see it as a wondrous unfolding of your verse in the universe. 

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Believe in the unseen

I meet so many people that live in a state of uncertainty about who they are and WHY they are here. I mean, they goto work to everyday to generate an income to pay for the things that they accumulated over time that supposedly would make them happy when all they really want is to simplify their life and have greater love and inner peace. Think about what you really want in this moment - are the things you are doing today really bringing you greater joy? Here is the thing over 95% of you are to busy rushing around this very moment unable to even listen to this recording yet preparing yourself to spend the next 8 hours doing the very thing that you don't want to do. Over the next 20 years most people will NEVER experience true peace and happiness. They will reach the end of their existence looking back upon the years that have passed them by and they will experience a deep sadness at that point and a sense of regret for NOT choosing to create, be and live the life that they really wanted for themselves. 

Once you understand that you created your own universe and all of the conditions that occupy your mind every second and minute of the day - you will realize your power to change it in the moment. 

We live in a material world that seems to overshadow and cloud the thing that we seek most. We feel that we have no choice but you are the one that made the choice to do the actions that have led you to this very place in your life. We all have been mislead by the promises of an external and material world that will deliver us happiness and yet the very intention was to keep us living in fear. We have all been seduced by the mass media, the retail ads, the big box stores, the pressure to keep up, the ankle biters that want to keep us down, the corporations that enslave us with 2% wage increases and job performance reviews.  

Here is the thing about the real world - it does not exist in the shopping malls or in the 2 car garage - it lives in the unseen domain where all of your power, joy, peace and greatness resides. We live in a world of infinite possibilities. We are meant to be and do great things for one another. We are meant to push the human race forward and we can all do it when we pause and savour the space between the notes. It's the void and the space that we cannot touch, that place in our mind that connects us to our true source that will allows us all to touch our hearts and connect to the only thing that will ever bring us inner peace. To know WHY you are here is the greatest revelation we can give a fellow human being. You don't need anything else everything is right here now ready for you to grab a hold of it and declare to yourself that this is the life that I am now going to create. Less is truly more. 

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

WHY the right moment

As I sit here on a cool November morning visualizing an upcoming inspirational talk that I am delivering in 2 days, I am reminded as to the power of the right moment.  I'm enjoying the perfect cup of coffee made from freshly ground coffee beans that are delivered to Angela and I every couple of weeks. The temperature of this cup of coffee in this moment is ideal however, if I don't pause during the writing of this mornings BLOG then I will miss out on savoring every drop. Life for me can be summed up by conditioning yourself by continually grinding your beans also known as perfecting your craft to then be able to savor and be the moments that take your breath away.

I have invested well over 10,000 hours grinding my beans through writing and publishing 13 books, interviewing and coaching hundreds of entrepreneurs for my Defyeneurs magazine and delivering thousands of inspirational talks across the globe. 

When my moment arrives like the upcoming inspirational talk in 2 days I will be more than ready to brew the most impact full delivery to an inspired audience. Each delegate will savor the richness and flavor of every word, action, pause and bursts of inspiration. This is what I have trained for everyday of every week 12 months a year for the past 7 years. When my moments surface and they do quite often, I don't walk towards them - I leap in fully present to the moment. In that space time is an illusion as I become the moment that I had visualized and intended to create so many years ago. I am filled with gratitude for what has manifested - it's not random why I am here being and doing what my heart desires and what I crave. I have taken 100% responsibility for the person that I am today, now, here in this moment I am alive and filled with so much love and able to project that outwards to the people that are ready to receive it. 

Your doors of opportunity are everywhere and always opening for you welcoming you to step into your greatness. You may not see it right now but they are there responding to what is in your heart and what you have been longing for. Embrace it and savour these beautiful moments it's WHY you are here.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Lead knowing WHY

Over the past several years my inspirational work has evolved deeply around the power of WHY with the intention to shift the worlds energy through a direction that supports a new purpose for humanity. These three letters WHY represents a new mantra and way of being that I define as the World Helped by You. We have been living in what is defined as a 'connection age' yet I feel that our world is far more disconnected than ever. Our innovation in technology has evolved with the intention of connecting our minds and our external world through a cross pollination of inter-connectivity. I embrace this movement and advancement - it has allowed me to extend my reach and create in even greater speeds however my intention for the world is to innovate with new ways of connecting with our hearts and soul.

Over the next 18 months I will be delivering 3 evolved talks under this umbrella of WHY: Ignite your WHY - Lead knowing WHY and Unleashing WHY Power. I'm re-engaged and deeply committed to inspiring an even deeper connection to WHY we are all here - the contribution that we are meant to extend to others. Leaders have an opportunity and a privilege to look at their tribes and ignite a new sense of passion and purpose that resonates throughout their teams. Leaders can lead with a new inspired fuel that awakens an inspired spirit of possibility. Innovation coupled with connection to purpose is what will take us to the next evolution of thought for us all. 

Lead knowing WHY extends far beyond titles - rank advancements and corner offices. Lead knowing WHY is about charting a new path ignited through courage and passion with a desire to help us all. Our lives become even more meaningful when we strive to shine a light on others. This is a world inspired and one that I continue to imagine.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Meditate on your Brilliant Self

Today let's celebrate your brilliant self through a mediation that is designed to reveal the beautiful light that exists deep inside you. It's always been there this light of you that contributes to the energy of the world. It may have lost a bit of spark along your journey to defining yourself but it's there glowing and ready to serve the world with your beauty. Trust me when I say the world is a far better place with you in it, contributing your extraordinary gifts to us through your very being. Here is the thing, we are all connected in one magnificent chain and you represent a link that keeps us connected to something bigger than ourselves. Everyday you contribute a verse to this extraordinary sonnet that gives others hope. Today recognize the significance of you and your light as a beacon for us all. Inspire us with your action and belief in yourself that you are meant for more. 

If only we could celebrate this shininess everyday. I know we can, we simply have to practice. We have gotten so great at listening to that repetitive annoying inner voice so now let's sit in stillness and confidence so that we can hear our higher amazing voice, the real one. 

Let's sit and breathe in the brilliance and brightness of who we are this day and everyday! 

Right now honour your brilliant self by taking a seated position, hands in your lap facing upward and eyes gently closed. Bring a soft smile to your lips as you begin to watch the wonderful inflow and outflow of your breathe, without attempting to control it in any way...

Each time you breathe in feel your light expand and each time you exhale feel any thing that diminishes your light leave your body as black smoke. 
As you breathe in listen to these words...I am perfect and whole just as I am....
I am a strong and powerful creator...
I am loving and compassionate towards all...
I  am harmonious and balanced...

On behalf of us all thank you for you. 

Sunday, November 16, 2014

[F] THE FEAR - do it any way.

I meet so many people that are on the verge of greatness. They are literally on a balance scale with the opportunity to rise up and make their mark in this world or continue to slide down a path of untapped potential. The only thing standing in their way is total acceptance and replacement of FEAR with LOVE. These two emotions cannot co-exist in the same realm - yet by themselves they are major catalysts each with their own power to either thrust you upwards into the realm of possibilities or cast you downwards into a spiral of complacency. In today's world you can't afford to hide in the shadows and simply 'sneak by' hoping that no one will see you. 

My view on FEAR is quite simply this - [F] it - give it no attention or energy. It's not deserving of your greatness. It is not a part of your vocabulary. Let it pass through and over you then happily look back over your shoulder and smile at it knowing that you have chosen LOVE.  This is the only emotion you need to embrace. Love everything that shows up in your life NOW. Focus only on what you wish to experience and receive. Know that you have the power to conceive your desired life, create it, act on it and receive it. This is WHY you are here. Now go be it - we are all standing by to lift you up. 

Ignite your Light

Inside us all is a bright light waiting to shine. It has always been there ready for ignition. There is only one path that will torch these embers, it's your relentless belief in your yourself and your unseen potential. Strive to ignite this light and it instantly illuminates the way - serving as the ultimate GPS for your life. We were all born to be and do great things in this world. We were given the ability to choose to act or remain in a state of comfort suppressing our passion for the soul. The great ones choose to step out of the shadows and understand that when they ignite their light they inspire others to do the same - to face their fears and embrace their epic life: Mother Teresa, Ghandi, Steve Jobs, Harry Potter, Neo and Gandalf the White. 

We are surrounded daily with so much noise, reality TV, big box mania and a plethora of media messages distracting us from what we are really meant to be.  Imagine a world where we all ignite and live this light. A world where we don't settle. A world that encourages, connects and demands the best from each one of us, would that not be a world worth creating and contributing to? This is a month of miracles, they are everywhere waiting for you to witness them and hold them upto the light. The moment you believe in the unseen and harness your power as a co-creator you will have mastered your life. 

Friday, November 7, 2014

Meditating on Freedom

 The way to a peaceful mind clear of noise and the chaos of life can be created by stilling your mind once a day.  Life for so many people is becoming increasingly complex. We all need to balance moments of peak performance with periods of deeper renewal. Our minds are continually running 24-7 even while we are asleep where our sub-concious mind kicks into full gear while the rational side drifts off. There is an opportunity to influence your subconscious mind with possibility for the life you wish to create. Waking up one hour earlier and meditating on the freedom that you are seeking will bring greater levels of peace, harmony and balance to your life. 

Become intentional with the life you wish to create. Understand the power of the unseen and surrender to this realm of tremendous possibility as this is where your true power lives.  

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Diversifying Freedom

The Toronto Star recently reported that the Bank of Nova Scotia is cutting1500 jobs across Canada. I recall meeting some of these employees at one of my recent talks and they shared with me how much they 'love their Job.' When I asked them what they were most passionate about they just went silent. The conditioned response for most people is to express this kind of emotion. What they won't tell you is they dislike driving to work in the dark and coming home in the dark with no time freedom. What they may avoid sharing is they have no real plan for creating financial freedom. I'm not talking about RRSP's here or mutual funds that you won't be able to access until 30-40 years from now - no, I'm talking about creating true freedom by incorporating 3 wealth building streams: Investment | Passive | Residual. Here is the thing - everyday that goes by and you are still trading your life energy for time and money is a day wasted and that you will never get back. 

You can shift your mindset by focusing on building and incorporating these multiple income streams. Over 95% of your 'friends' will not get this concept - they may tell you they want success but they are not willing to push outside their comfort zone, get off the couch, fire that life sucking job and develop a new wealth mindset. They rather go through life letting others control them with pay checks, performance reviews and 2% raises. The key to diversifying your freedom is to start focusing on bringing in multiple income streams - start with something like relationship marketing in the right industry (I prefer the $trillion dollar Anti-aging market) - this will allow you to build a strong thriving network or tribe over the next 12 months eventually compounding your time and effort to a point where your teams efforts will be paying you. Relationship marketing is a great vehicle for creating a separate income stream that eventually you can flow into investment real estate. 

Surround yourself with people that have done it well and model their actions and their systems you don't have to reinvent anything new just avoid doing the same thing over and over again expecting new  results. 

Confidence in Freedom

When was the last time that you truly felt an extraordinary sense of confidence within yourself? You could take on any challenge and opportunity without worrying what others would think or say about you - the world was your play ground. You didn't care about being perfect or failing or falling, the only thing you cared about was showing the world just how shiny you are. Perhaps somewhere along your journey in life you got lost, unsure and uncertain of who you have become. Here is the thing, you are still you, perhaps a few dress sizes different and a bit scratched up but you still can dream and create your life your way. You don't need to live with any more regret - you have given enough energy to it and what you know for certain is that it does not serve you. 

Today sit in quiet stillness, close your eyes and see yourself floating above the clouds - an incredible lightness fills your heart and you feel a greater sense of freedom in letting go of all the energy from the past. Your confidence and your personal power does not lie in your future it is here and in this moment where you define yourself. It is now where you surrender to something bigger than your worries and become aware that you are meant for more. You deserve to be happy, free and confident to pursue those dreams that you have put on hold waiting for someday. You no longer need to hold yourself back, you don't have to wait from becoming what you are seeking. You are loved unconditionally and you are never alone - no one is ever alone. 

Monday, November 3, 2014

Happiness in Freedom

Over the next few days Angela and I will be creating a series of meditations dedicated to helping you experience greater levels of happiness in your life. We believe that the road to inner freedom starts with you being happy now. I want you to see happiness as a state of mind and a choice at any given moment. I know this day may be challenging for you and you are facing some really tough choices right now. I feel for you and that is why we want you to know that you are not alone on this journey, no one is. Inside of you is goodness and a bright light that when released will fill you up with the love and joy that you deserve. You have to get intentional about your joy on the moments that are the toughest. This is your true opportunity for your greatest growth. I want you to see every challenge as a gift from others pushing you up to the next level. 

It's only through our hardest moments that we truly reach new levels of greatness. It's only through discomfort that we grow. For years you have been seeding your roots into the ground. Your daily choices, your actions, your belief in yourself and others have all led you to this place and this moment in time. You are surrounded by angels and teachers - even the most difficult people in your life right now are your greatest opportunities for growth if you choose to look at them from this new lens.  

Today find some quiet time for 20 minutes and sit in stillness and close your  eyes and see your big beautiful white light inside of you growing bigger and bigger pushing out all of the past fear, resentment and anger out of you. These energies no longer serve you. Smile with every organ, cell and molecule in your body and feel a new sense of freedom pulsating throughout your mind body and spirit. You are free to be happy.