Why Time

Sunday, May 3, 2009

WIRED = INSPIRED | Ontario Career Colleges get ROCKED

I had the pleasure of spending this past Thursday and Friday with The Ontario Association of Career Colleges in Niagara Falls. This was an amazing group of 130 delegates from all across Ontario, the elite of career colleges. The organization of the event was spot on, kudos to Lorna and the OACC team. This was a terrific group ready for inspiration. I kicked off the event with a 1 hour key note focused on the significance of creativity in the career college space. The group was dynamic and full of energy. Laughter filled the Hilton conference room as I made my way through the spaces between the tables. A technique that I like to use at all of my presentations, it helps me engage each and everyone in the audience. Following the key note I reconnected with a cousin of mine, Sam Visca, who owns a local electrical contracting company, it was great spending this quality time with him. I look forward to spending more time with the delegates from the various career colleges and to inspiring their group in the near future.