Why Time

Friday, April 25, 2014

Living you WHY

Living your why is a daily act. Its not a one time shot. Living your why is a focus on living your passion and following a deeper purpose knowing that every action will cause an inspired reaction. When you live from this centre with an intention on serving others as your primary outcome the world will be helped by you. This is inspired leadership at its core and this is living your Why. 

I have a simple equation for living your why. This has come from years of simplifying and inspiring others to get to the core of their why. I have tested this one simple act on thousands of people. Here is my WHY EQUATION: (a + b = c) a is your absolute passion. Ask yourself what excites you into action, what you live to do south that you don't even want to charge people for it. You can do it all say long you love it!  b is your beautiful purpose your reason for serving others. Ask yourself how can you be of service to others. Together, your passion and your purpose creates your outcome. Your outcome is your creative gift to the world. Long ago you were born with a special creative gift that when lived the world is Helped by you. There is nothing random to you being born with this gift, it's in you to give. 

A deeper Passion fuels your WHY

Several years ago in 2009 I made a conscious choice to inspire others.  It became more than just a new career or a job transition, it was a new way of being.  There was no workshop, seminar or divine intervention that lead me to pursue this path.  I was seeking inspiration and I decided to be inspiring. Let me give you a bit more context by taking you 9 years back in time.  I had been studying and interning in the field of architecture from 1989 to 1999.  I decided to leave the field of architecture in 1999 to pursue a deeper calling.  At the time I didn't know what the hell I was doing but I needed to pursue my passion as an entrepreneur. At the time I was filled with so many passions: creativity, marketing, communications and presentation.  I created a hybrid creative agency that focused on 'breathing new life into organizations' and how they presented their passion to the world. This agency eventually evolved into a branding company as a result of my passion for extracting and igniting the essence within organizations.  Along this 10 year journey, I focused more and more on allocating energy to ONLY those areas that I was truly passionate about.  Passion for others, for myself and the work that I was doing became my constant denominator.  After publishing my first 2 books: What Have You Got To Win? and Get Creative, I make a commitment to follow my heart and pursue my passion and purpose to inspire others to action.  I have come to appreciate the power of finding your passion as the primary driver and foundation for living your WHY. 

If you are not passionate about what you are being then its time for you to rethink your life.  If you are a leader, the only differentiation between you and your competition is clarity for WHY you exist and the passion that fills and fuels your team on a daily basis.  I wake up every morning filled with enthusiasm for the work that I doing.  My time is now filled with: Inspirational Speaking, Writing, Publishing and Creative Coaching.  The HOW to my WHY is clear and I allocate energy to only those areas that bring me joy and move my WHY forward.  As an inspired leader, you will face adversity, discomfort and greater challenges as you move to the next level.  We all face these moments and it is in that space that we can make a choice on how we respond.  What I have come to realize is that having tremendous passion for what, how and more importantly WHY you are doing will push you through.

Focus on your passion, feed it, cultivate it, refine it and nurture it.  It is your winning hand.