Why Time

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Don't be Right!

Don't be Right! 

For you to be right means someone else needs to be wrong!   This way of thinking and being is not serving the world.  

Your expectations of others will only cause disconnection and fear.  Others don't need to get you.  You are the only one that needs to believe in you.   

Your time here on this earth is so limited and the energy that you allocate to others, expands.  

So what are you focussing on? Where is your energy flowing? Give attention to the only things that truly matter.  

The first step is to catch yourself and lead with LOVE.  In any given moment, you can choose to love everyone around you and embrace their energy as a gift.  

I know it's hard.  We have all been conditioned to expect others to show up a certain way.  This belief system is not serving us or our need for deeper connection.  Let go of the ego.  Release the need to be right.  Embrace the perfection of everyone's imperfections.  

When you start to embrace the notion that God only sends you angels you will begin to see everyone around you as your greatest teachers.  

The universe is your canvas so create your masterpiece for you and the love you feel inside.   Release the expectations of others and go about your day living your one precious life.   



See your energy and everything you are putting out into the world bouncing back to you like a rubber ball.  

I remember as a child living in a very abusive environment having a red and white rubber ball that I carried with me everywhere.  Holding and bouncing it made me smile.  

Holding that rubber ball made me smile at the world. I would look at someone and I just couldn't help but smile and they instantly smiled back!  

I know that these may be challenging times for you.  The people that you surround yourself with may not be showing up the way you like.  My insight is to BOUNCE.  

Let the energy of others BOUNCE off of you.  Smile your enthusiastic smile and project your infectious energy into others.  

Everything you throw out BOUNCES back your way so why not project only the BEST version of yourself.