Why Time

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Why do you exist?

I love starting off my keynotes with a question: why do you exist? Have you ever contemplated that one question? If you did what do you think would happen? What form of truth would reveal itself? More importantly what actions would you take after becoming aware of these truths?  Most of us have a fear of contemplating the bigger questions of our lives knowing that we would have to step into it. Here's what I know for certain, life is brilliant but it's very very brief. You don't have any more time to wait and to ponder. You don't have any more time for regrets. Soon we'll all be faced with the final question at the end of our lives. None of us will be able to escape this inevitable outcome. We are all connected with this one destiny called the end of our time. 

The questions that you will be faced with are:
Did I make a difference in other peoples lives? 
Did I make my mark on this world? 
Did I play full out and beyond my potential? 
How will I be remembered?

My greatest hope for you is that you live into these questions now. That you embrace a deeper awareness of your brilliant life now. That you get off the sidelines and become an active participator and performer of your one extraordinary life. That you share your special gifts with others.  By contemplating these questions at a deeper level you will be inspired to take action to living your extraordinary life now. There's no time to waste. There's no more room for regrets.  You've already been there and done that. Fear is no longer an obstacle but rather a catalyst for you to run, not walk, but run towards the desired life that you want to create. 

Do it all now and become that vision that you are seeking. Your greatness is in you to live.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Trust in the WAY

You have taken action by becoming aware of the BIGGER picture of your life. You now believe that there are no limits to your potential. If you can see and feel it you know that you can acheive it. You have felt the feelings of living the life that you want. You have made a commitment towards taking daily action and pursuing your dreams. You wake up every morning ready to contribute your special gifts to the world. You feel a deeper connection to yourself and the world around you. For the first time you are taking 100% responsibility for the life that YOU are creating. 

The key is to discipline your dissapointment by trusting in the WAY. As you strive for newer, larger goals worthy of your greatness, your resilience and willingness to stay the course will be tested. You are now on the greatest journey of your life. Everything has led you to this place. Your temporary discomfort is now your greatest catalyst for reaching the next level in your life. You have to believe in yourself even more now than ever. There will be times when you feel alone but this is necessary right now. Periods of high Performace require deeper levels of renewal and inner-reflection. 

This is the time to go inward, see that brighter light of your greatness expanding and filling your mind, body and soul. You are preparing yourself for the greatest victory of your life. You have come so far and acheived so much. Despite the odds you are still here, thriving through belief in something greater than yourself. Trust in the WAY for it was ignIted by a deeper WHY. 

Friday, May 23, 2014

Grow into your WHY

How do you feel when you look at the ones that have made it to where you want to be? Do you get inspired? Do you question your own path and speed to which you are advancing? These extraordinary ones were at the exact same stage at one point in their life. They recognized that greatness was no longer a concept or priviledge for a chosen few. They believed that they were destined for the same level of greatness that they experienced in others. We all have an ability to ignite it and take action. This inspired inertia lives in all of us.

Your role is to believe in you, make a choice now to chart a new, inspired path. Growing into your WHY is a daily mindset. Like anything were pursuing in life, it takes time, persistence and discipline. I know you've heard these words before but sometimes we need to hear them again. When I live each day playing full out I know I'm on the right path. I'm growing my greatness by focusing on it, adding to it, keeping it alive. Find a way to fuel your WHY everyday. It may be as simple as reading this YLOG everyday or starting one of your own. Perhaps you just need to share an insight with one person or reach out and inspire someone that feels alone. When you focus on living your WHY you becomes it's oxygen and it in turn breathes new life into you. 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Discipline your WHY

It's Thursday morning and I just returned from a morning run along the streets of downtown Edmonton. Today I inspire 1,000 youth in grades 7 - 9 to Ignite their WHY. One of my favourite destinations when travelling to Edmonton is the Fairmont Resort Hotel. Whether I'm staying there or just spending the afternoon creating in their cozy tea room I am always greeted and received with consistency. I have visited this resort about 6 times over the past 24 months. I always enjoy having a pot of their green tea with honey. Interestingly, my server Michelle commented how she loved my commitment to my consistency. She hadn't seen me in over 5 months but she remembers my commitment to green tea at the Fairmont. 

As I continue on my path to inspiring others to get onto theirs, many people ask me what it takes to live your passion. I meet so many people that are seeking more peace, happiness and greater fulfillment in life. Somewhere over the years they made a series of choices, some concious perhaps but mostly unconscious. Many of us were not taught to focus on living our WHY. There were no courses called Passion 101 or Find your Purpose. If there was a course called, Inspire Others I would have signed up for that. Most of us have climbed up long corporate ladders many times only now to discover that your ladder was perhaps leaned up against an incorrect wall. Perhaps you shouldn't have even chosen a ladder. What you really needed was a cannon to launch your WHY into the world not knowing where the hell you would land!

Here is the thing, today is a brave new day. You are in a time machine been transported back to grade 7 and 8, a time when you knew what activities brought you joy. A time when there was no gravity pulling on you, holding you back. There existed only untapped potential topped with limitless possibilities. You didn't know fear, it was not an emotion that you were aware of. You felt free and a sense that you could BE anything that you set your mind to. 

Now you are becoming aware that time is only an illusion and you have the greatest opportunity to follow your heart and your intuition in all areas of your life. The key is not to stop, to keep innovating, inventing and reinventing yourself. Do it everyday with passion, consistency and a willingness to be more than you currently are. Raise your arms, take a deep breath and shout out to the world. I am ready to make my mark on this world. 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Inch by inch...

Becoming aware of WHY you are here is just one step closer to realizing all of your goals and dreams. As you take action in living your WHY look for the incremental milestones that you reach along the way. This is the most inspired journey that you are on. It has taken you a lifetime of choices, steps and actions to bring you to this point. Somewhere along the difficult path you realized that you were meant for more. Your thoughts, decisions to act and your actions led you to this place. If it happened in any other way or any other time it would not be as brilliant as it is right now. 

You don't need to see the whole path right now. You only need to trust that the next step will present itself. Life has a tendency to unfold in bold and beautiful ways especially when you are living with clarity. When your passion, purpose and outcomes are all aligned, your goals are fuelled with even greater determination and focus. Look for the cues and the little signs to give you a sense that your path is taking you where you intend to go. Your belief in yourself and what you are creating is more fuel than you will ever need. It will lead you through the darker times when the light is dim. Know that with darkness follows light and night follows day. This is your greatest moment, the time that your true light shines through. Your untapped potential rises to the surface.  Inch by inch you are creating your desired life, your way. For the first time, you are in control. 

Friday, May 16, 2014

Maintain Momentum

I spent time yesterday coaching a client who's up to extraordinary things. He reminded me of a powerful concept around embracing our weaknesses as a catalyst for growth. Too often we avoid shining a light on our weaknesses as a sign of weakness. To embrace the next level of our lives we must begin to do something new that we didn't already do. To stretch into the next level we must embrace what no longer serves us. 

The key is to identify with crystal clarity what we were meant to be in this lifetime. Except that we are not defined by our past circumstances. Rather embrace the direction that you intend to head in. The past is no longer relevant. The only thing that truly matters is the direction that you're heading in. Bring into awareness all of the obstacles that are preventing you from stepping into the only thing that you need to step into. The only thing that truly matters is the direction that you're heading in. This is your one moment to make a choice and decide how you're going to be and who you're going to be. Now is the time to create more focused goals that are clear, intentional, creative and full of belief. It's time to stretch into a new set of goals that are worthy of your time. Time is a luxury, a precious gift and soon you won't have the opportunity to think that you have all the time. 

Project yourself into the next two years and identify what is true in that moment what will you have accomplished. What will you feel? What will success look like? Will you feel complete fulfillment? Now make a list of only the obstacles that will prevent you from reaching that experience. Create the strategy, tactics and habits today that will help you create powerful momentum that will fuel your new way of being. 

It's time to fuel your WHY with GAS also known as Goals. Action. Sustainability. Failure is no longer an obstacle but rather a catalyst for moving you forward and leaping into the next level of greatness. Create massive momentum by creating focused goals supported with tremendous action.  Fuel your BIGGER goals and take action every single day. Stay the course, sustain yourself with new powerful success habits. Every set back yesterday is a massive leap forward tomorrow as you start to discipline your disappointment. 

You are one an incredible journey. You know what it took to get you here. Despite all of the challenging setbacks you're still here! You now are more aware of WHY you exist and you know where you're going. We're all standing by to witness and be a part of your massive momentum. 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Your WHY leads the WAY

When you live your WHY you are sharing with others your passion, purpose and outcomes. Your words have tremendous power and when used wisely have the ability to influence. Your actions however, are ten times more powerful and can change the world. Your WHY is a way of being. It is the architectural DNA of you. It is your inspired shadow that never leaves your side. It surrounds you, feeds you and always lights the way. Even in the darkest moments, and there will be many of those on your path to becoming aware, your WHY will always leads the way. Your WHY disrupts, opens up new possibilities and embraces discomfort. Your WHY is the ultimate catalyst for your greatest growth. 

Your WHY cuts through the noise, it slashes your fears and it grounds you in the only moment that matters, now. When you lead with WHY everyone around you is taken to new levels. Your relentless belief in yourself pushes the human race forward. Your inspired actions elevate those seen and unseen and connects all of us to something far bigger than ourselves. 

We all need to feel connected to something deeper. We all need to feel that our life mattered and that we all made a difference in the lives we touched.  When you lead with WHY you are becoming the change that you want to experience in the world. Your WHY is the world's new inspired fuel. It's high octane infused power. When you lead with WHY the World is Helped by You. 

Your WHY does not change with the Seasons. It is not tied to a gold star, a promotion or level advancement. It is not a raise and it is not a child. Your WHY is your souls recognition of your reason for being. It's a celebration of your greatest gift, the gift of enlightenment. Your awareness of what you are meant to do and teach others in this lifetime. 

Your daily actions create an inspired energy that supercharge all those around you. When you lead with WHY, you cast a brilliant light around your greatness. You are inspiring others around you to do the same. You are declaring to the world that we are all mean't for something bigger. When you inspire yourself to action you are on fire with possibilities. You are brilliant, bold and beautiful. You are filled with passion and purpose. You want to create and contribute to a world where no one ever feels alone. Your WHY connects you to the only thing that matters, the reason you are here.  

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Seed your WHY

I love the story of the bamboo seedling and it's journey to growth. This is such a great analogy to how we create our lives and nurture what means most to us. When you plant a bamboo seedling into the ground, nothing happens after the first year. You continue to water it, feed it with sunshine, clear away the grasses and weeds around it and still nothing after year two. During year three, you continue nurturing it with your attention and love, willing it to emerge but no matter how much you want it to rise it still resists. Only in year four does something magical appear, that little seedling spent the past three years growing an incredible foundation of root systems so firmly rooted into the earth that it spawns massive growth. It needed the time.

Similar to our greatest goals, if we just take the time and seed our deeper WHY we will experience the greatest growth in our beautiful lives. Nurture your passion, purpose and deeper relationships and you will experience results. I define the WHY as the World Helped by You. It is through persistence and daily discipline that your greatness will emerge. Similar to the bamboo seedling, your greatness is already there, it's always been there waiting to be seeded so you can grow into the extraordinary human being that you were born to be.  I know this is a challenging time, probably the most difficult point in your life. Recognize that you are being stretched so you can grow into the best version of you. The best is yet to come. You just need to believe in you even when no one else does. By living with daily passion and purpose you are seeding your deeper roots that will allow you to live your beautiful WHY. 

Remain in a state of flow with what you want to create most. Find a way to align your daily actions, even the smallest amount will contribute to your greatest growth. Fixate only on the end result and know that all of your extraordinary efforts are leading to the most monumental growth that you have ever experienced. 

Finding inner peace through your WHY

Many of us get hung up with the act of doing versus the inspiration of being. We define ourselves by our job titles, past glories, awards and accolades. As a race, we have conditioned ourselves to become doers rather than reconnecting with our hearts and existing to be the best version of ourselves. Society pushes us to do more, consume more, act more in order to find peace.  I define the WHY as the World Helped by You. To arrive at this state of being requires a different mindset and an acceptance of who you are. Interesting that we are born as human beings and not human doings. Over 90% of people do not know who they are. There is little clarity for what brings them joy, inner peace and happiness.  We have conditioned ourselves to do versus be. We allow finances to drive our daily choices. We rationalize our existence and continually detach ourselves from the only thing that matters, our true state of being. 

Unfortunately we are transcending this way of being to our children. They witness our daily anxiety and financial pressures that we have placed on ourselves. Imagine a world where we all exist to live into the best versions of ourselves. Imagine waking up everyday with so much inner peace and joy for what the day is about to unfold. A world that defines ROI as Reach out and Inspire Others is a world that thrives by elevating the human race. 

We are all born as creators, with a unique set of gifts not skills. Your unique gifts are in you to give. Skills are what you acquire through the act of doing. We get conditioned to perform in our skills. We add them to our resumes and Linked In profiles. We celebrate them at networking events and choose roles that allow us to apply our skills. Years pass by and we become defined by these skills and the many roles that we have applied these skills. 

To arrive at the state of WHY requires you  to readjust your inner compass by defining your Passion - Purpose and Outcome. It's the only way I know to unleash the power of WHY. Your passion represents your joy, your bliss and when you see the ones that are in a continual state of joy you know that they are living with daily passion. Your Purpose is defined by how you are being of service to others through your special gifts. Your Outcome is what you want others to experience and feel. When you are living, being and acting from this state, the World is Helped by You. All of your daily actions become inspired actions that are driven and fuelled by something bigger than your current self. This is what I wish for you. 

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Less stuff - more humanity

Over the past year, the leaders that I inspire are focused on a new ROI for themselves and for others. This ROI is simply defined as: Reach Out and Inspire Others. We have evolved out of an age that taught us a valuable lesson - we are all connected, no one should ever feel alone. As we navigate through our present 'connection age' leaders have the ability to connect at even deeper levels. A reconnection to what truly matters to the world. Imagine a world where we start every conversation, every interaction with a focus on inspiring others. Greatness lives in all of us and it is not reserved for the select few but for all. I love creating a world that is no longer about me but rather one where I wake up every morning, enthusiastic to contribute my gifts by lifting others up from an illusory world of disconnection to one of unity and possibility. 

We are fast approaching a pivotal point in  humanity. We have been given a responsibility of elevating one another for one single purpose - to inspire others to reconnect to a deeper meaning that extends far beyond ourselves. A world that thrives is one that is inclusive, that places the needs and the good of all before our own personal needs. Connectivity and unity in this light is life. Within all of us exists an aura, an invisible layer of meaning that connects us all. You feel it at gatherings, in the supermarket when others rush to the aid of an older soul that has fallen. You experience this connection when a community faces tragedy or a major catastrophy. Humanity lives and breathes in all of us. It pays little attention to the amount of likes or friends on social media. It has the power to push us all to a new level of consciousness. What will you do with this new level of awareness today, now in this moment? You have the power to take action and Reach Out and Inspire others to do the same.


Thursday, May 8, 2014

How are you staying connected to your WHY?

I define the WHY as the World Helped by You. This is a way of being for me. It gives way to my how and it's fuelled by my passion and my purpose daily. Living your WHY does not stop after your marketing agency helps you create a new  mission statement or slogan. Living your WHY is your declaration to the world that you are here, now in this place, at this time to create something remarkable,something brilliant. Your time here is beautiful but brief. What you choose to do with this time is totally upto you. If you wanted to be remembered for someone that made a difference in other peoples lives than you need to take daily action that is aligned with your WHY. This action goes beyond capturing more market share.  Your WHY is not driven by simply hitting your sales quota every month. When you are living your WHY daily, you are filled with a greater sense of purpose which ultimately gives you peace.  This is what we all seek.  

Your WHY will wait for you but soon you won't have that opportunity to make that choice to wait. Living your WHY starts today, continues when you drift off to sleep with gratitude for how you lived today. It continues when you thrust out of bed, enthusiastic about launching into your one precious life. 
Today will never come again. Your mark on this earth will last a lifetime if you commit to making someone else's life better. 

So how do you re-connect with your deeper WHY? 1. Become REFERABLE.  Become someone who is trusted and regarded as living with passion and purpose. Become someone that others want to share. 
2. Become REMARKABLE. This is a statement to others that you are an extraordinary game changer. You elevate the game simply by becoming aware of your ability to chane the game. You defy gravity by defying the odds. 
3. Become REGARDED. This is your opportunity to become top of mind and be referenced in every conversation. The top clients ask you by name while others quote and glorify you. You are connected to something bigger than yourself and others feel it.   

Commit today to allocating energy only to those functions and activities that keep you connected to your deeper WHY. Perform every action using this R FACTOR as your new level of measurement. 

Structure your days into 5 THINQ days:
T: BIGGER THINK DAYS - day dreaming and what if days. 
H: HIGH PERFORMANCE DAYS - they need to be remarkable. 
I: INSPIRING OTHERS DAYS - discovery and intention on helping others. 
N: NEW ACTION DAYS - success habits continually aligned with your bigger goals. 
Q: QUESTION DAYS - deep, soulful and restful days that nurture your mind, body and soul. Non-work days. 

GAS fuels your WHY

There are essentially three main areas to unleashing WHY power. The first I refer to as a IGNITE your WHY. Most people, entrepreneurs and even leaders in organizations miss or skip this fundamental step. The second and third stages of WHY cannot follow without a clear intention of WHY you exist. What you intend to create and the outcomes that you wish to see for others. The outcomes cannot simply be focused on more money. To often, I see people leap into action with non-defined goals, strategies and creative tactics. These individuals rely solely on hope. Organizations that grow at rapid speeds have a tendency to loose sight of their deeper WHY that may have been ignited so long ago. Apple is the best example of a global, publicly traded multi billion dollar company. It started off with a very clearly defined WHY ignited by passion, purpose and an outcome to push the human race forward. Every strategy, action and tactic supported this driving WHY. During the 10 year period that it's founder Steve Jobs left Apple the company abandoned it's WHY and in it's WAY. Upon Steve Job's return in 1997, the company was producing over 50 products had tripled its size and complexity in all areas. It was also 6 weeks from insolvency. What Steve Jobs brought back to Apple was its soul, it's passion, purpose and outcome. 

This leads to the second fundamental concept to unleashing WHY power - LAUNCH your WHY. Every tactic, strategy, was powerfully connected to Steve Job's WHY. As a leader ask yourself: Why do we exist? What drives our passion and purpose and what are the outcomes that we want others to experience? How will the World be Helped by You? 

Only after you has mastered these 2 levels of WHY, are you able to proceed to the third and final level. LIVE YOUR WHY. This is where the pedal meets the medal. There is no second guessing only inspired action through powerful Goal setting, Action and Sustainability which I refer to as GAS. Most people will never create clearly defined and measurable goals. Others won't even write them down. You must define goals with so much clarity and visualized every single day. Most people are not setting goals that are stretching themselves. A majority of people have already reached certain goals and they're still living in past goals fueled by past habits that no longer serve your next level of growth.  It's this mindset that is holding you back from stretching and reaching the next quantum level. Once a goal is clearly defined in this way it's time to apply action. Without action there can be no reaction. Action must be performed on a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis. It is not enough to simply visualize a goal without the required action and persistence fueling that goal. This is where sustainability enters. Achievers recognize the power of persistence. It's not enough to perform the act once in a while randomly whenever you feel like it. To get what you want you must focus only on that which you wish to create and take powerful daily, weekly and monthly action to move you forward. 

The only thing that will drive your sustainability are new, powerful success habits. The current habits that you are living are the result of older goals and habits. To reach a new level requires the creation of larger, stronger and more sustainable habits. This process will lead to the creation of a new mindset which will ultimately impact your behavior.     The key is to recondition your mind, body and soul on a regular basis to stretch to the next level of growth. The discomfort that you're currently experiencing is your mind, body and soul encouraging you to redefine your goals. You need to ignite your why and reconnect with your passion and purpose and develop new success habits that are aligned with your bigger goals. This approach to Igniting, Launching and Living your WHY is going to move you to the level that you now know you're ready to achieve. 

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Structural tension closes the GAP

The power of your mind to bring a perceived thought into reality is acheived through a process referred to as structural tension. Your mind wants to close or bridge the gap between what you want to acheive and your current reality. The key is to focus your mind on a daily basis with intense visualization - see, feel and experience the end result clearly in your mind.  Your subconscious only knows and experiences creative, intuitive, emotional and sensory feelings. In this part of the mind, it only knows possibility and potential. When you consistently feed and fuel your subconscious with positive visualization, your mind wants and needs to close that gap. It will trigger creative and intuitive responses so you make choices that attract the resources to make your thought a reality. 

As a leader, it is necessary to continually inspire and motivate your team with the power of your WHY. Help them see and feel the end result so they can continually fixate on the end prize. Guide them on a daily basis with a deeper understanding of why you exist and their bigger contribution. Strive to connect them to your vision, help them feel that they are not alone and connected to something even greater than themselves. 

Understanding this power of structural tension will help you make more powerful choices, create better success habits and improve the way you look at your life. Know that you have the power to change any current circumstance by deciding how you want to look at it, only then will it change since you are the one changing. You are the creator of your universe. 

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Unleashing your WHY power

If you believe that greatness lives and breathes in all of us then you will come to  understand the power behind unleashing it into the world. Whether you're a leader in a Fortune 500 company or an entrepreneur just starting out, a deeper commitment to igniting, launching and living your WHY will bring you the greatest peace that you are seeking. I define the WHY as the World Helped by You. It is a way of being and personally for me my mantra and way in this universe. It guides all of my inspired how's with tremendous clarity, passion and purpose. It pulls me out of the darkness and allows me to experience tremendous joy inspiring others to find theirs. 

It's not enough to simply be aware of this word WHY and it's meaning. There are over 99,000 words that you are aware of however it is quite another to live their meaning in all areas of your life. So how do we live our deeper WHY? After practising, cultivating, refining, launching and living this why with so many people over the past 20 years I have come to appreciate the art and sophistication of simplicity.  Imagine your business, career and life as a huge block of marble standing directly in front of you. 
Your job is simply to see with clarity the sculpture of your life hidden within the block of marble. What does it look like? How are you living your passion in this life? How are you serving others with your purpose? Where are you, who are you and why do you exist in this life? What are you meant to learn and pass onto others before your time is up? Now that you have a vision for it, close your eyes and start chipping away at all of the chunks, layers, blocks, obstacles and stuff that no longer serves your vision. This is your path and your journey to remove the stuff that no longer serves you. It's easy to accumulate and get stuck in creating more blocks, it's our human nature. However, it's also our human nature to create art, beauty, innovation and poetry so we can elevate the human race. 

We are meant to evolve and sculpt our greatest versions of ourselves. The life we have been given, however brief, is our most precious commodity. Our role as a race is to create a greater awareness of this potential within all of us. Your role is to ignite, extract, launch, share and live it each day helping others do the same. 

This is a world worth creating worth knowing and participating in. As a leader it is not only your role but your responsibility to see it in others, to nurture and cultivate it so your team can become the best versions of themselves. We are all meant to shine and the daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly commitment to living our WHY will transform you and everything in your path. That is a journey worth exploring. 

Monday, May 5, 2014

Your power to influence

Do you ever wonder why certain people have the ability to influence the world? 
Ghandi, Gandalf the Grey, Steve Jobs, Oprah and Enstein. We still feel their presence and their energy in the world even long after they're gone. I am fascinated with people and more importantly the greatness that lies untapped in so many extraordinary individuals. Inside each one of us lives this innate and intrinsic ability to contribute and shape our universe. We all have it inside of us, this. This ability to become more intentional with how we want to push the human race forward. When we start to know that we have this ability and tap into it on a daily basis we are essentially contributing to change in this world by giving others permission to see and experience that inner light. Is this not what we are all born to be? To create to strive to reach to stretch to evolve into the best possible version of ourselves? 

What if greatness is no longer an option but rather a daily ritual like exercise, or meditating. Your ability to influence starts with a commitment now in this moment not when the bills are paid or the kids have left home or when the mortgage is paid off. Imagine if we all strive to share that incredible extraordinary greatness that lives in each one of us on a daily basis. This is a world worth creating worth contributing to.  As I continue stepping into my greatness by inspiring others to do the same I know that I am elevating everyone around me.
The power to influence connects us all in that the reader shapes the author and the author is shaped by the reader. Influence becomes a force and an energy that inspires the world. 

Recognize your ability to influence others in a positive way. Focus on your intention and the outcome that you want to see in others. Your influence shapes others and contributes to their growth when itis fuelled by your passion and your purpose to serve and benefit others. 

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Why even ask?

This morning my lovely girlfriend and I decided to visit Toronto and have a brunch at one of our favourite places. Unfortunately, we were quite disappointed with the quality of the food.  As we made our way to the cash register we were greeted by a friendly gentleman who enthusiastically asked how we enjoyed our experience. My girlfriend offered an automatic response that everything was great. You ever notice how we typically respond with, it's great or I'm good instead of sharing our truth; the food sucked or I feel like crap! What wold happen if we temporarily disabled those filters. I waited a few seconds and piped in with my dissapointment on the quality of the food. To my dismay the cashier did nothing. I offered, "Why ask when you really don't care to hear the answer?" I believe there was a creative opportunity here for this individual to take a lead as a brand ambassador for his organization with the intention of making it right. Or at least demonstrate some form of empathy to us, the customer. Let's give this guy a bit of the benefit of the doubt and assume that his organization simply has not transcended their values pertaining to customer service. This is what I love about brands that adopt a 'make it right motto'. Things are going to go wrong, it's just part of business, we all intellectually know this. The key lies in our choice and the way we wish to respond to the feedback in any given moment. In this particular situation my girlfriend and I had to make assumptions as to how our dissatisfaction would be transferred to a manager. I decided to pursue it further and asked to speak with a manager who just happened to be conveniently standing next to the cashier. When she learned of my disappointment she immediately apologized and offered to remove the charge from our bill. 

In this situation after two verbal expressions of our disappointment the manager did indeed apply a: 'do the right thing motto'. The learning from this experience that I want to share with leaders and organizations is that your front-line people are your greatest brand ambassadors.  They have incredible ability, power and influence at any given moment to turn off the customer or win a customer for a lifetime. Here is the critical thing about branding, it matters very little what you say about your brand and what you believe you stand for. What truly matters is what the external world says about in you and the experience they have with you l. Invest the time in training your front line people to become passionate ambassadors of your brand. Instill your deeper why and manifesto into every touch point. Strive to make every interaction the ultimate opportunity to convey your leadership in your market. 

Friday, May 2, 2014

Let it go...

I believe that today you will shift into the most extraordinary chapter of your life.  Over the past few years you may have had glimpses of who you truly want to be.  You visualized your success and perhaps even took action.  By just becoming aware, you are already on your path to greatness.  Inside you is a burning desire to make a deeper impact on the human race. What if we all existed to live this way? You were born to lead others and make a difference in this world, its your birthright.  You have been sent the greatest teachers who showed up exactly the way you needed them to be.  The discomfort that you have experienced to this point came not randomly but as part of a beautifully orchestrated symphony of action.  It had to happen this way to shift you into the person that you need to be. 

Today, you'll let it all go, you'll release what no longer serves you. You will burn away all doubts, fears, anxiety, regret, pain and anger.  Today, you'll embrace the wondrous magnificence that has been coursing through your veins ever since you entered this world and took your first breath.  You were not born to be a spectator in your brilliant life. You are more than that, you know this deep inside you.  The past 100 years of conditioning from society would have you suppress your greatness.  This is a new age for the human race. The connection age, where it's no longer acceptable to sit back and wait for permission to master your life.  This is your time to choose how you want to be. You still have time but the window is closing fast and soon you won't have that choice, someone else will make it for you.  You played the game, followed the rules and put your own hopes and dreams on hold.  You have experienced loss, felt pain and yet you're still here with the ability to make a choice.  You are becoming aware of living life on your terms, with greater passion and purpose and creating meaningful outcomes.

You are aware of a deeper reason for being - this is your soul tapping into your deeper WHY, which I define as the World Helped by You.  When you live through passion and purpose and do the things that bring you joy and you are being of service to others, you are pushing the human race forward.  You are defining who and WHY you are and this powerful intention elevates everyone around you to do the same.  No matter where you are in this moment, its time to release what no longer serves you.  It is time to make room for the new but you have to get intentional and on fire for it.  You have to live each moment knowing that it could be your last.  You have nothing to loose and so much to win. Pain is temporary, eventually it will subside and something else will take its place.  Today, you can choose to fill yourself up with belief, action, love and a willingness to release the fear.  Create your life by becoming what you seek and by living on purpose.  You have been given an extraordinary gift of passion.  It is not a word, it is your very being, it drives leadership, it inspires millions and it has the power to connect your purpose to others.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

It's not WHAT you do it's WHY you do it!

We live in a world where WHY is  becoming even more relevant and more essential to our thrival. It's far too easy to get lost in the doing, the how, the where without taking the time to contemplate WHY. Asking WHY connects us as a race. We are the only species that possesses the ability to question our existence.  Acting through WHY brings us peace, stillness and balance. Once we all recognize that we are not defined by doing and we are born as human beings we will be able to push the human race to a new level of self-awareness. We have been conditioned over the past 100 years to follow, and keep our heads down. This control is all around us in the form of millions of ads, commercials and promises by our bosses. We now live in a new connection age that challenges the status quo and our ability as a race to connect at new levels. Equally, this age has the ability to disconnect us if we don't strive to reconnect to what matters most. 

Leaders now have the responsibility and priviledge of inspiring their teams to ignite, launch and live their-driving WHY in all areas of their organization. As a leader, you can create a new path that rewards self-awareness. To become relevant in this new connection age one has to go beyond the act of doing and perform every action by first starting with WHY.  Action is certainly necessary but inspired action that is fuelled by your passion and purpose will create more meaningful outcomes.  

Use the power of WHY as your new compass guiding you daily in all areas of your life. Let it become your instrument for taking charge of your life. Become a maestro and conduct the most significant symphony of your brilliant but brief existence. 

You are no longer driven by what you do. You can cut through all the noise by defining WHY and let a more powerful HOW come to the surface. The cream always rises to the top and the great ones that live through WHY can never be held back. They defy gravity to define their lives.