Why Time

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Acceptance is peace

Today you may find yourself at a bit of a cross roads in certain areas of your life. You have made some choices a year ago that brought you to this place in your life. So regardless of the outcomes that you are experiencing let's start this conversation with a mindset of acceptance. Let's be truthful with one another and more importantly with ourselves. You are on an incredible journey filled with a greater level of self-awareness so that means you are aware and you will feel and experience even greater levels of discomfort. Sadly, most people will never reach this stage in their lives. They choose not to choose. They prefer maintaining the status quo and a sense of illusory harmony. You on the other hand, have consciously chosen a different path, an inspired path that is driven by deep passion and purpose. You know the outcomes you wish to experience for yourself and for others. I call this your driving WHY and I define the WHY as the World Helped by You. This is not a path for the faint of heart. It is far easier to stay in the Matrix plugged into what society wants you to be and do right? Just maintain the status quo, avoid taking risks, chances, raising your hand and STANDING OUT. 

You need to remind yourself why you have chosen to be and live this way. You are still a bamboo seedling growing your deep roots far into the ground. It takes time, care and an unwavering belief in yourself and your greatness. You can't pull on the results no matter how hard you will it to. Similar to the bamboo seedling that you planted several years ago, you won't pull it out of the ground to see if it's growing. If we just allow ourselves to be in a state of flow knowing that we are taking the right actions and believing in our conscious decisions we will eventually experience the greatest growth in our beautiful lives. All we can do is nurture ourselves and our relationships. We can love the journey that we are on. We can share our intention with others. We can love the pain and discomfort and everything that comes along with it. We can continually stretch ourselves to a whole new level of greatness knowing that we will give others permission to do the same. 

This is the greatest time of your life, a time when you are fully aware and awake to everything and everyone around you. It's time to be in a full state of acceptance of your extraordinary life. 

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Living knowing WHY

This is the greatest time to be alive knowing that greatness is not just reserved for the few but that it lives and thrives in all of us.  This is what gets me so excited and so fired up to inspire others, its why I exist to inspire others to insanely great action.  The WHY ignites the how, what, where and with whom. Are you living clearly knowing your WHY?  What inspires you and are you continually pushing yourself to action?  What is your passion?  If you are not passionate about you then how can you expect others to be passionate about you?  Passion drives all areas of your WHY.  When you lack passion in all that you are being you are not living your life with purpose.  Without a purpose, your WHY cannot reveal itself.  How can you be of service to others?

I meet so many extraordinary people that tell me they don't know their passion and their purpose.  Just asking and living the question brings you one step closer to uncovering your deeper WHY and hence your reason for being.  Start to become aware of how you want to be of service to others.  Passion plus Purpose = Outcome.  If you do not like your current outcomes then you are not living your passion and your purpose.  The outcome becomes clear when you want to serve the world.  You need to get focused on why you exist.  Recognize that inside you is the power to change the outcomes in your life.  You are not defined by your past or your future since it has not arrived.  You are defined by how you are being in this present moment.  You will be the one that defines why you exist and what you stand for.  When we all strive to help others uncover their deeper WHY, we create a new ROI for the world: Reach Out and Inspire others.  It is time that we all strive to make a difference in peoples lives.  You need to believe in what you are being, you need to take inspired action and receive your greatness.  Choose in this moment, now, to be the best you and know that by living your WHY every day, the World will be Helped by You.

Monday, April 28, 2014

I think I can...I think I can...I know I can

Have you ever truly contemplated the BIGGER picture of your life?  Have you lived with the deeper questions like: Why do I exist?  What was I meant to create in this lifetime?  Asking these questions once only starts to bring awareness to the bigger picture of your life that to this point you may have been stalling on.  How do you know your full potential unless you strive to uncover it?  Many of think we can create what we want most,  Many of us have mastered the art of convincing ourselves to remain comfortable with the status quo.  It is after all what we have all been conditioned to do.  As long as we don't attempt to stand out and challenge convention we will remain in a state of harmony and balance right?

Now is the time to thrive and to think beyond conventional thinking.  It has brought you to this place but this is a new world, a new place that requires us to all think differently to push one another far beyond our capabilities.  This is how we will push the human race forward with determination and persistence.  We all need to go beyond just thinking we can.  We need to take even greater action than before.  We need to believe and know that we can all collaborate and push one another to a new way of being.  This requires a new form of participation and an inspired way of thinking.  All of us were meant for great things.  The greatness that we all seek is no longer reserved for the select few.  It will only flow our way when we take inspired action.  When we put aside our own needs and our desire to accumulate more likes, more friends, more followers.  It is time to wake up to a new world that starts with WHY and continues with how can we shine a light on others knowing that we are lifting the human race to the next plateau.  We can all become aware and conscious of this new reality and put others first but we need to authentically uncover what others need.

I believe and imagine a world inspired, a world where we are all inspirited with our life purpose and we know with crystal clarity why we are here and what we are meant to do.  

Friday, April 25, 2014

Living you WHY

Living your why is a daily act. Its not a one time shot. Living your why is a focus on living your passion and following a deeper purpose knowing that every action will cause an inspired reaction. When you live from this centre with an intention on serving others as your primary outcome the world will be helped by you. This is inspired leadership at its core and this is living your Why. 

I have a simple equation for living your why. This has come from years of simplifying and inspiring others to get to the core of their why. I have tested this one simple act on thousands of people. Here is my WHY EQUATION: (a + b = c) a is your absolute passion. Ask yourself what excites you into action, what you live to do south that you don't even want to charge people for it. You can do it all say long you love it!  b is your beautiful purpose your reason for serving others. Ask yourself how can you be of service to others. Together, your passion and your purpose creates your outcome. Your outcome is your creative gift to the world. Long ago you were born with a special creative gift that when lived the world is Helped by you. There is nothing random to you being born with this gift, it's in you to give. 

A deeper Passion fuels your WHY

Several years ago in 2009 I made a conscious choice to inspire others.  It became more than just a new career or a job transition, it was a new way of being.  There was no workshop, seminar or divine intervention that lead me to pursue this path.  I was seeking inspiration and I decided to be inspiring. Let me give you a bit more context by taking you 9 years back in time.  I had been studying and interning in the field of architecture from 1989 to 1999.  I decided to leave the field of architecture in 1999 to pursue a deeper calling.  At the time I didn't know what the hell I was doing but I needed to pursue my passion as an entrepreneur. At the time I was filled with so many passions: creativity, marketing, communications and presentation.  I created a hybrid creative agency that focused on 'breathing new life into organizations' and how they presented their passion to the world. This agency eventually evolved into a branding company as a result of my passion for extracting and igniting the essence within organizations.  Along this 10 year journey, I focused more and more on allocating energy to ONLY those areas that I was truly passionate about.  Passion for others, for myself and the work that I was doing became my constant denominator.  After publishing my first 2 books: What Have You Got To Win? and Get Creative, I make a commitment to follow my heart and pursue my passion and purpose to inspire others to action.  I have come to appreciate the power of finding your passion as the primary driver and foundation for living your WHY. 

If you are not passionate about what you are being then its time for you to rethink your life.  If you are a leader, the only differentiation between you and your competition is clarity for WHY you exist and the passion that fills and fuels your team on a daily basis.  I wake up every morning filled with enthusiasm for the work that I doing.  My time is now filled with: Inspirational Speaking, Writing, Publishing and Creative Coaching.  The HOW to my WHY is clear and I allocate energy to only those areas that bring me joy and move my WHY forward.  As an inspired leader, you will face adversity, discomfort and greater challenges as you move to the next level.  We all face these moments and it is in that space that we can make a choice on how we respond.  What I have come to realize is that having tremendous passion for what, how and more importantly WHY you are doing will push you through.

Focus on your passion, feed it, cultivate it, refine it and nurture it.  It is your winning hand.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Your Greatness is in already in you...

Your greatness - its all there, waiting for you. It's always been then, waiting for you to embrace it, soak it in and say yes to it. My path to living my WHY - to inspire everyday people to do extraordinary things took me through tremendous discomfort: Abandoning my field of architecture, leaving my midsize marketing agency, a divorce... was all part of a GREATER purpose. You need to be what you are seeking. You need to embrace discomfort as a catalyst for growth. You need to fire up that passion that is deep inside you and no matter what keep forging ahead. You will get there, you will be that change that you are seeking in this world. We are all standing by to cheer you on and help you become the person you know you were born to be!