Why Time

Friday, May 13, 2016

Limit your expectations

What stops most people from experiencing deeper levels of connection is our expectation of others. If only they would see my point of view or why can't I get them to change!  

Once you come to a deeper realization that the only true power you have comes from within, you will start to experience fulfillment quite possibly for the first time .  I know it's sounds cheesy but it's truth - you can't change anyone.  

When you lead and share from the heart and strive to connect at a deeper level that's all that matters.  Release and let it go.  Don't fret on where and how it landed.  There is no need to look back over your shoulder or scroll down the newsfeed.  Stay focused on the path ahead.  [Fixate] only on what you wish to experience, the end prize.  

Send the most challenging ones love and light.  See everyone and every outcome as an extraordinary gift from above guiding you to living the only question that matters ~ "Why you exist and what you are meant to be and do with the limited time on this earth."