Why Time

Tuesday, February 17, 2015


If you were to approach the largest tree everyday and take just 5 swings with an axe eventually over time the tree would fall down.  If you were to write 2 pages everyday eventually you will have written your first book. If you saved $5 everyday for 10 years you would have amassed a small fortune. Some of the greatest things ever created in history were the results of just a few actions applied consistently and persistently over time. When accumulated the results are incredible. The key is to get laser focused on what you wish to create. See and feel it clearly in your mind, declare your intention with the world, then take 2 steps a day towards creating it. It's not about the quantity it's the quality of your focus that matters most. 

It's knowing that what you are creating has already been created and you're just catching up to your vision through your daily pursuits. This is why most people fail, quit and just give up on their dreams. They want the quantum leap to the end and they miss out on the power of daily action. They haven't cultivated the patience and they aren't willing to put in the time, the necessary small steps each day, inch by inch moving themselves closer to their goals. Slow and Steady always wins the race.