Why Time

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Would you join you?

Seriously would you join you? Would you fire you or give you a promotion? Are you being everything you can be or are you holding onto the past playing the same record over and over constantly telling yourself why it won't work? Are you waking up everyday excited about changing someone's life or are you solely focused on taking care of just you? Would you be led by you? Are you worthy of being modelled and followed? Are you lifting others around you up everyday day or are you bringing them down? 
Are you looking for the greatness in everyone you meet or are you fixated on the negative? Would you join you in your present state? Are you still waiting for someday to appear or are you excited and filled with passion and purpose for today. 

Would you join you as a result of your daily Facebook posts? Are you sharing your enthusiasm for the daily miracles or are you venting about how hard your life is? Everyday and with every action and choice you are either thriving or simply surviving hoping that things will change. What's it going to take to join you? Who do you need to be now, not someday? What are you seeking that intuitively you already know you have it. What if you decided for the next 30 days to join you knowing that believing in you, lifting you up, starting each day with purpose would result in a life changing experience. You still have some time but you have to start now. I believe it's possible for you but you have to be willing to cross the threshold, look in the mirror, discard the energy and disbelief that no longer serves you and focus solely on creating a new story that will attract the people that I believe want to join you.