Why Time

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Be the change.

You're waiting for others to change, I get it, but for things to change, you have to take the first step and drive the change. It starts with you living your passion so others can feel the love for who you're being. For others to see your vision, you have to set the GPS and show others where you're going. There's a lot of noise out there and everyone's competing for your attention. To get others to look at you, you have to first take a good look at yourself, go inward and start loving the change you see. To help others aim high, you have to be the one that inspire others to look up just a bit more. 

It's far to easy to wait for others to make the change, but that's just wishful thinking. When you start being the change that you want to see in others, then others around you are inspired to do the same. Be the change today, start small and know that together, we're all better.