Why Time

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Less stuff - more humanity

Over the past year, the leaders that I inspire are focused on a new ROI for themselves and for others. This ROI is simply defined as: Reach Out and Inspire Others. We have evolved out of an age that taught us a valuable lesson - we are all connected, no one should ever feel alone. As we navigate through our present 'connection age' leaders have the ability to connect at even deeper levels. A reconnection to what truly matters to the world. Imagine a world where we start every conversation, every interaction with a focus on inspiring others. Greatness lives in all of us and it is not reserved for the select few but for all. I love creating a world that is no longer about me but rather one where I wake up every morning, enthusiastic to contribute my gifts by lifting others up from an illusory world of disconnection to one of unity and possibility. 

We are fast approaching a pivotal point in  humanity. We have been given a responsibility of elevating one another for one single purpose - to inspire others to reconnect to a deeper meaning that extends far beyond ourselves. A world that thrives is one that is inclusive, that places the needs and the good of all before our own personal needs. Connectivity and unity in this light is life. Within all of us exists an aura, an invisible layer of meaning that connects us all. You feel it at gatherings, in the supermarket when others rush to the aid of an older soul that has fallen. You experience this connection when a community faces tragedy or a major catastrophy. Humanity lives and breathes in all of us. It pays little attention to the amount of likes or friends on social media. It has the power to push us all to a new level of consciousness. What will you do with this new level of awareness today, now in this moment? You have the power to take action and Reach Out and Inspire others to do the same.