Why Time

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Here's to you

Here's to you for giving yourself permission to dream again. Here's to you for not waiting. You finally get it! You're ready to leap into life each day and take action. You're at this point in time holding this energy in your hands. You're among the few that the world calls dreamers and the world needs big dreamers right now more than ever.  It takes a defying gravity kind of attitude to dream again because most of the world wants to hold you down. But we see you and we know that you are defying gravity to live your one precious life. We know the effort it takes for you to push through and beyond the ones that want to hold you down from dreaming again. 

You are now aware that life is brilliant and brief so step in, take chances, look foolish and even fail a few times along the way. That's what it takes to be a dreamer. You no longer need others to get it and you won't let others steal your dreams. Just keep taking action and make it happen. It's ok to fall and fail as long as you keep lov'n the whole ride.