Why Time

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Wired for WHY

WHY is not something that we eventually stumble upon through some corporate mission statement. We are born with it.  Born to live the greatest versions of ourselves. It's in our DNA to be and do great things. We are born as explorers, creators and innovators. We have each been given the gift of curiosity. We are the only species that can question our existence. We are hard wired to question WHY. Why we are here. Why we are the way we are. Why we make the choices we make. Why we feel what we feel. WHY is an energy source that connects us to the world. The world benefits when we all live and love through WHY. The power of WHY is the architectural construct of our very existence. This one word lived, sets into motion ALL of our choices. It creates, cuts through, clarifies, disrupts and defines everything. It casts a light on the way. It projects the how into our cerebellum and invokes our intuitive, sensing, feeling and emotional 'enter' button. The WHY thrusts our intention into the world with greater intensity. It distinguishes you from the others for it defines who, what, where and how you wish to be. 

WHY does not sit on the surface. It lives 20,000 leagues under the sea. It is a current and a wave that carries us to the destination that we are seeking. Our WHY is our compass, our guide and the distant light helping us navigate a more fulfilling existence. It is worth exploring for it will reveal the greatest treasures of our mind and soul. WHY allows us to be seen, heard, felt and experienced, here and now. Your WHY is your contribution to the world's verse, a new ROI for us all. It is the World Helped by You.