Why Time

Thursday, June 12, 2014

How do you find purpose?

This morning started at 5:00am with a burst of inspiration and intention for my day. In 3 hours, I am delivering a 12 hour WHY intensive over 2 days. How did I get to this point? How was I able to attract this world class opportunity? The focus for the next 2 days with this global organization is focused on living with greater purpose.  Over the past 7 years, I made it my purpose to inspire others to action, to ignite their passion and their deeper sense of purpose.  Throughout my World WHY Tour, I am continually asked by many people the process of finding one's purpose. 

The universe and everyone in it is becoming aware of itself. You are the creator of your life and you define, architect and shape your desired outcomes. Purpose for me has become the root and foundation for the BIGGER picture of my life. It is the inspired, high octane fuel for my WHY which I define as the World Helped by You. Purpose is your contribution to others. It is the awareness of your unique gifts driven by your passion to serve others. Your purpose is what you say it is. It is your relentless belief in something bigger than yourself. It is your declaration to the world that you are here now in this moment at this time to make a difference in other peoples lives. It is your contribution to the world. I believe that we all have a choice to be something greater than our current self. We are all born as creators with a gift of choice. We all live in the same universe governed by the same laws each with an ability to defy gravity. We all breathe in the same air and we all face fears, challenges, set backs and triumphs. 

What makes us unique lies in our ability to choose our path. To choose our thoughts, our reactions and our daily actions. We have all been given the opportunity to live, to feel the wind and to set our own sails. Today choose how you want to live. Become aware of what makes you come alive. Decide on how you want to be of service to others. Make a list of the ones that you want to selflessly pour yourself into. Take daily action towards living your purpose so it becomes a way of being for you. It just requires a shift in mindset and a belief that you were meant to be here and to contribute your gifts to the world. Today, ignite, launch and live your WHY.