Why Time

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Did I matter...

In the end there is only one question that will rise to the surface. 'Did I matter?' Were others impacted by my time here on this earth? Did I contribute to something that will push us all forward? We let the smallness of our daily challenges and temporary struggle hold us from dreaming bigger.  In the end, I know you want to feel that it all mattered. In the end you want to smile with your heart knowing that the world was helped by you. It starts today with a belief that you, me and all of us are here now in this time to do something more than just pay the bills. There is no limit or ceiling for the human spirit. That's the greatest thing about being human, we get to BE anything that we set our mind to. This is the gift that only our species has been granted from the heavens. Our ability to become something more than what we currently are is only limited by what we chose to believe and act on in the moment. It's what we've all been given, this moment and it's only in this moment where you can choose to matter.