Why Time

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Are you listening?

I love that we've been given so many ways to listen to others. Sure there is your ears that's a given and a miracle in itself but what about listening with your heart, soul and mind. What are the winds of change trying to whisper to you? What is your breath in this moment trying to tell you, are you paying attention to it? 

When you pay close attention to all of the energies around you something magical begins to happen. My intention with this mornings WHY Blog is to help you master hearing with the intent to understand. To understand first requires you to get clear with what you want and wish to experience. When you are clear the signs and the richness of everything around you takes on whole new levels of meaning. Be open to what and who is appearing in your life, especially now. Walk in nature, listen and savour the changing seasons. The leaves raining on you, the cool breeze whispering in your ear and the sounds of your foot steps as they take you to the place you desire to be.  

I've shared in my newest book - I don't know what the hell I'm doing a new philosophy and way of being with this energy.  The realization is that acceptance is peace. The only thing you need to become aware of is why you are here. Ask and live these bigger questions from this book such as: What do I need to embrace or what do I need to release? Don't just ask them once - step in and listen with the intent to understand you and what is in your heart.