Why Time

Friday, November 7, 2014

Meditating on Freedom

 The way to a peaceful mind clear of noise and the chaos of life can be created by stilling your mind once a day.  Life for so many people is becoming increasingly complex. We all need to balance moments of peak performance with periods of deeper renewal. Our minds are continually running 24-7 even while we are asleep where our sub-concious mind kicks into full gear while the rational side drifts off. There is an opportunity to influence your subconscious mind with possibility for the life you wish to create. Waking up one hour earlier and meditating on the freedom that you are seeking will bring greater levels of peace, harmony and balance to your life. 

Become intentional with the life you wish to create. Understand the power of the unseen and surrender to this realm of tremendous possibility as this is where your true power lives.