Why Time

Friday, December 19, 2014

Grow through Discomfort

What are you feeling this very moment? 
What is your outlook for today and your future? 
What do you feel is holding you back in all areas of your life? 
Is it fear of the unknown or fear of uncertainty? Is it a lack of support in your life from loved ones or perhaps it's a lack of taking 100% personal responsibility for the outcomes you wish to change in your life?

For some of you - you have asked the universe for what you want. You set out a powerful intention and you have started becoming that which you seek.  You've set a vision for your life, removed some obstacles and set measurable goals. For others, you avoid deciding on what you truly want for fear of the answers showing up so you choose to simply let life happen to you. Recognize that our minds are conditioned to resist change and maintain a sense of comfort. Our minds are designed to keep us in our current reality and our emotions keep us from embracing change as our catalyst for growth. Perhaps this is all part of our evolution and the next milestone for the human race. When you become aware of this fact its easy to see why over 80% of people never truly pursue their full potential or ever experience true freedom - they suffer needlessly even though they have the personal power to invoke tremendous change in their lives. 

In this moment you can look up and declare to yourself and to the world that you are ready to step into creating your life. You can choose to face the fear and do the thing that your heart craves. You can choose to no longer be a slave to your emotional state. You can choose to grow and become the very thing that you are seeking. Here is the thing, you're ready for this? You have to want it, crave and desire it and be willing to embrace a new way of being. It will require a willingness on your part to create new powerful success habits to replace older behaviours, learn how to discipline dissapointment so you can fail without being defeated, we call that personal development. In your current state, with your current friends and the ankle biters in your life you will not grow. You must become like a rocket, key in your mission, your WHY and your vision of where you want to be in 5 years, surround yourself with people that want to lift you up and pour all of your energy into busting out of the atmosphere!  This is the hardest stage because the inertia of all your past beliefs, set backs, failed starts and conditioned behaviours are going to act like gravity keeping you down. 

You can do this.  You can create your life your way. You can choose to no longer do the same things over and over again expecting new results. You can choose to no longer sell your time to your current life-sucking job. You can choose to prioritize your time making personal development your key ignition. You can choose to simplify your life by allocating your energy only to the actions that will move you closer to your goals. 

You can learn how to shift your mindset of dissapointment to one supercharged with positive progress. Here's the thing, it makes little difference about where you currently are, the only thing that truly matters is the direction that you are heading in. It's time for you to build momentum and once you start swinging that pendulum you will be soaring to the moon. 

Let's do it together - let's light this fire.