Why Time

Thursday, August 27, 2009

From the heart

It's a sunny afternoon, the time is 1:46, I just finished launching my new newsletter using constant contact to stay in touch with my close friends and followers. I set out over a year ago to creatively inspire people to action. This has become my goal, my life purpose, my mission. When I untapped my unique ability, everything had to change, my current career, my lifestyle, my family, my focus and my daily actions. Since I declare this new focus, I have delivered close to 100 talks and presentations and continue to climb the ranks as one of the top speakers. Everyday presents new challenges and new opportunities. Is it easy, never! How do I do it? I maintain a strong sense of focus, creativity and a positive attitude. I continually look for more innovative ways to reach my goal. I know that the universe is sending me new people, new collaborations and new ideas every day. I take action with inspired thought. One of the key areas to focus on as you move through your creative journey is to uncover what it is that makes you happy, what you want most, what you love to do. What are you brilliant at? What is your passion? Who are the people that you can connect and collaborate with?

What actions do you have to take? Are you aligning your daily actions with your goals? Are you moving yourself closer everyday? Are you looking for new ways to stand out and differentiate yourself and your approach? Are you being diligent with your time or are you still in a rut and doing the same routine over and over expecting new results to emerge? If you are, don't feel bad, just do something about it. Take action. To often I am confronted by people that want to get together, chat, about what? They don't even know, they just want me to make it happen for them somehow. When you are in this situation, try and put together an agenda, make the most of your meeting with this person, do what ever it takes to make show them your gratitude for their time. Stay on track with your agenda.

So what is new and exciting in my life?

- Anwar Knigth, CTV personality and I have laid out a new TV show focused on entrepreneurs, excited about getting this off the ground.

- I am delivering several talks/key note presentation and Boot Camps this fall.

Continuing my Ontario wide tour I will at the Elliot Lake Chamber of Commerce as their key note speaker in October, Judy Marsales Real-Estate in September, Fort Erie Chamber of Commerce, Goderich Chamber of Commerce in October. I have been invited to speak at the Canadian Chambers of Commerce in October in BC.

-We have 2 major BIG THINK events on the go this fall, one in Newmarket in partnership with the Newmarket Chamber of Commerce and the ERA-BANNER followed by Niagara in November with The Business Link so an exciting fall line up.

- I have been asked to speak to a major NHL brand in January also to The Canadian Club of Golf Resorts. I will be speaking at a major Insurance AGM in 2010 as well.

-My current initiatives and focus are to secure 5 corporate brands that will book me for a national/international speaking tour.

-We are currently exploring a collaboration with international organizations like John Assaraf of OneCoach in California.

I also officially issued a media release noting my intention and interest in joining a national or international brand as their Chief Creative Officer where I could lead major teams and initiatives on a global basis.