Why Time

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Create your own opportunities

I'm sitting here listening to Silent Night enjoying a freshly brewed cup of coffee with my love. I am filled with joy in this present moment for the life I have created. This is no ordinary BLOG to me it's my daily gift to myself and the world. Every morning I sit to share a moment of inspiration and insight with the world. I even record each post and upload them
to my personal Face Book page making it easier for people to pause their hectic life and listen for 4 minutes. It makes no difference to me if you read or listen to them. Your choice will not influence my passion and desire to impact someone who needs to hear these words. My question for you this mornings is: What do you want to experience in this moment? 

Once you recognize that all you have is this moment you will start to savour everything around you. The moment will lead you to becoming what you seek. When I chose to focus only on what I could control I uncovered the art of creation. I was seeking inspiration so I created a lifestyle and a world where I could live my passions, the actions that bring me tremendous joy. I focused on living with greater meaning and purpose to inspire others. What is the purpose you want to create for yourself? You are the only one that can decide how you want to be in this world. You are the master creator and the architect. For some of you - you have set out a powerful intention and you have created actions that have now put you onto a path towards your goals. That means that things have to shift in your world, JOBS have to change,  relationships that no longer serve you have to fall way. For you to receive what you have asked for means you need to be willing to stop doing the things that no longer serve you. At first it may seem as if your world is falling apart but in actual fact it's reorganizing itself to carve the way. It's creating clarity by removing the obstacles. It's throwing tremendous change and discomfort in your path but recognize that discomfort is growth. Everything in your life is a mirror reflection of you. The people and the relationships that appear before you are the result of the energy that you are putting out there. 

Today, take stock of your life and the angels, masters and teachers that have been put in your path. Nothing is random, the energy of the world is simply responding to what is in your heart.