Why Time

Monday, July 28, 2014

Wash away your fears

I love this kind of day, a rainy morning filled with cleansing. As I sit here in quiet contemplation and reflection on this mornings WHY log, I am reminded of the purpose that I have created in this world. Inside of you is an unconditional love and light that can light up a whole city. You may be holding yourself back from really defining yourself and your deeper purpose for fear of how it impacts others.  Over the years, you have accumulated a wealth of experiences and wisdom. Recognize that who you are today, what you feel, and the choices you make are the result of all your past years of influence. 

You were born free but somewhere along the way, your external perception became influenced by what others said about you. You allowed those closest to you to express their opinions that became your internal reflection of yourself. These images and thoughts created emotions that are deep rooted inside your cerebellum. You are not these thoughts. You are not alone, it's ok, we have all experienced the same emotional journey. 

Today, like the rain, sit in quiet reflection and wash away all of the fears, regrets, and past emotions that still cling to you. These emotions no longer serve you and the bigger picture of your life.  Cleanse them from your spirit so you can become free to live the life you deserve.