Why Time

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Start fresh

One of my favorite memories as a child was the feeling of getting brand new school supplies.  My 2 brothers and I were raised by my mom, who didn't have  a lot, so receiving new school supplies was always a gift I treasured.  

I loved the feeling of cracking open a brand new note book.  You know the kind, that comes in a pack of vibrant colours: blue, yellow, green orange and red. I loved the smell and the feel of all those blank pages.  I relished at the thought of seeing my ideas and dreams fill the pages.  These note books were like my magic carpet.  Where would they take me? Where would I go? What new levels of imagination could I transfer to these blank canvasses of possibility? 

Everyday you can experience a fresh new start. You can choose to look at something familiar for the first time.  

You can choose to let go of the past by focusing your attention and your energy in the present moment.  Grab a new note book and a fresh perspective on the life you wish to create.  Savour the blank pages and go throughout your day wide-eyed and filled with child-like enthusiasm.  Embrace the new possibility of you.