Why Time

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Giving love and receiving love...

Over 8 years ago, my marriage ended after 14 years of devolution.  I poured my energy into becoming the best version of myself by going within. I embraced a deeper love for me and who I had become. Everyday, moment and person that I shared energy with, became my teacher. I lived a new daily affirmation that went something like this: "I am receiving love and giving love." I saw myself living in a beautiful, loving and nurturing relationship worthy of me. I meet so many beautiful people that do not feel they deserve to receive this kind I love. 

We are all meant to experience more. The people in your life are mirror reflections of you and what you believe you deserve. Everything in our lives are reflections of the love we feel for ourselves, the voices inside our heads and the choices we choose to act on. 

Close to three years ago, I experienced a new found love. I was ready to receive and to give. Angela, an angel entered my life, took my hand and showed me the path to true love. I felt my hand on her beating heart the moment our energies connected for the first time. At that point, I became aware that time is an illusion. There is no doubt in my mind that we had experienced this love before. Perhaps we had lost our way. In that moment. I had sensed the next 3 years with her as a instant flash of images. 

Inside you, in this very moment is the most beautiful love waiting to surface and surround you. The moment you become aware that it exists and you deserve to receive it, everything changes. No one else in your life needs to change. To experience the love that you deserve, only you need to change the way you love and feel about yourself. Look at yourself with a new and open heart. Tell yourself that you are loved, whole, perfect and beautiful. See this love growing inside you as a ball of white light expanding and filling your mind, body and soul. See this light breaking through the walls that you have created and travelling into the world filling others up. 

Today, live and receive the love that you have always deserved.