Why Time

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

What are you seeking?

One of the themes that weaves throughout my latest book- I don't know what the hell I'm doing is what are you seeking?   It's a great way to step into the life that you desire to create.  Decide to become the very thing you're seeking. This was the energy that propelled my inspirational life and way of being, forward. Just sit and close your eyes and allow the energy of this question to permeate your mind ~ "What am I seeking?" 

We are conditioned at a young age to pursue a path that is in no way aligned with the things that bring us joy, peace and fulfillment.  You may question this point of view in that you think you love what you do.  As human beings we experience a sense of satisfaction from getting things done.  Checking off our list of todo's is like a temporary hit of dopamine, on to the next thing.  Again I urge you to live this question ~ What are you seeking? 

Months of living this question will surprisingly ignite new realizations for how you wish to be in this world.  You will start becoming the very thing that you're seeking.  Greater levels of love will surround you for you will become love itself.  What I know for certain is that we've been given one opportunity to experience life.  The question is what will you do with this gift? How will you live it?