Why Time

Monday, December 26, 2016

Your light

Inside of you is a light that we all need. When you believe and IGNITE this light it will illuminate our way.  

Your light has been burning ever since you inhaled your first breath.  Up to point the world may not be aware of it.   Others may have tried their best to blow it out.  

What I know for certain is when we all contribute to igniting one another's light the world becomes one inspired and unified flame.  

Step out from the shadows.  Lift up your soul and declare [NOW] to the world that you are ready to commit your light.   

When you keep your light hidden inside we are unaware.  The time to shine is now.  You no longer have to suppress the flame just so others around you won't feel small.   You don't have to extinguish your God-given potential and purpose just to [FIT IN].  

Don't smother the embers that spark your passion. Rather let them burn brightly for all the world to see.