Why Time

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Unleashing your WHY power

If you believe that greatness lives and breathes in all of us then you will come to  understand the power behind unleashing it into the world. Whether you're a leader in a Fortune 500 company or an entrepreneur just starting out, a deeper commitment to igniting, launching and living your WHY will bring you the greatest peace that you are seeking. I define the WHY as the World Helped by You. It is a way of being and personally for me my mantra and way in this universe. It guides all of my inspired how's with tremendous clarity, passion and purpose. It pulls me out of the darkness and allows me to experience tremendous joy inspiring others to find theirs. 

It's not enough to simply be aware of this word WHY and it's meaning. There are over 99,000 words that you are aware of however it is quite another to live their meaning in all areas of your life. So how do we live our deeper WHY? After practising, cultivating, refining, launching and living this why with so many people over the past 20 years I have come to appreciate the art and sophistication of simplicity.  Imagine your business, career and life as a huge block of marble standing directly in front of you. 
Your job is simply to see with clarity the sculpture of your life hidden within the block of marble. What does it look like? How are you living your passion in this life? How are you serving others with your purpose? Where are you, who are you and why do you exist in this life? What are you meant to learn and pass onto others before your time is up? Now that you have a vision for it, close your eyes and start chipping away at all of the chunks, layers, blocks, obstacles and stuff that no longer serves your vision. This is your path and your journey to remove the stuff that no longer serves you. It's easy to accumulate and get stuck in creating more blocks, it's our human nature. However, it's also our human nature to create art, beauty, innovation and poetry so we can elevate the human race. 

We are meant to evolve and sculpt our greatest versions of ourselves. The life we have been given, however brief, is our most precious commodity. Our role as a race is to create a greater awareness of this potential within all of us. Your role is to ignite, extract, launch, share and live it each day helping others do the same. 

This is a world worth creating worth knowing and participating in. As a leader it is not only your role but your responsibility to see it in others, to nurture and cultivate it so your team can become the best versions of themselves. We are all meant to shine and the daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly commitment to living our WHY will transform you and everything in your path. That is a journey worth exploring.