Why Time

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Day 2: Create 5 Affirmations

So what are affirmations? Why are they so important to experiencing success and fulfillment? Is there an art to creating affirmations?  

These are great questions.  See affirmations as the direct link and communication from your mind to the universe.  

When used properly and consistently, affirmations have the power to attract the people, circumstances and events that are in alignment with what you are seeking most.   

Affirmations start with an "I am..." Statement.  They serve as your declaration and intention to God and the universe that you are ready to receive.  They are not goals, wants, hopes or dreams so don't confuse the two.  

Think about the 5 things that you are seeking most. These may be based in the areas of finances, love, relationships, career and family so you may wish to create one powerful affirmation for each.  Here is an example of how that would sound: "I am living my life with a great  sense of purpose.  I am continually attracting $1,000 of income per day..."
Next to the affirmation, create a complimentary visual that emotionally connects you to the feeling of having received it.  

Have fun creating and living your affirmations.  Read them out loud upon waking up, a few times throughout the day then just before you fall asleep.

Fixate only on the end prize of what you are saying.  See it as absolute fact.  Know that with every breath and feeling that what you are seeking is yours.