Why Time

Friday, August 15, 2014

Finding pupose

In my new upcoming book - I don't know what the hell I'm doing, I focus on helping people define and uncover their life purpose. Everything I do every day is filled with tremendous purpose. I wake up every morning ready to inspire, ignite and support someone. Purpose is ignited and fueled with the belief that you are meant for more, that we all are. 

We are meant to ignite change, challenge the status quo, question everything and  wonder why... Just look around and marvel at the world around you. You participate in a world perpetuated by purpose. The doctors that treat your illness, the architects and engineers that house you, the chefs and farmers that nourish you, the front line workers that protect you, the teachers that educate you and the scientists that strive to make your world a better place. 

Your purpose is what you say it is and will be from this point on. It will become your driving force, your candle in a dark room, your guide up the mountain side. When you feel most alone you will be comforted by knowing that your purpose is guiding you along the way. Many people ask me how I found my purpose. Everything that I am sharing with you in this book sums up all of my meaningful experiences that led me onto the path to becoming aware of who I was meant to be and the outcomes I was meant to create in the world. 

It was always there for me. I know now that I was meant to live a life of inspiration. I felt it at six years of age while sitting on my grandmother's couch, I felt it in high school when I comforted those closest to me, I felt it later on in college when my fellow classmates needed inspiration.  I experienced it in my early years in the branding agency I created when my clients wanted my energy. When you take the time to harness all of your love, passion, and energy in the present moment, completely, 100% and without distraction from the past or worry of the future, you will tap into this field of power. 

The meaning of life

We go through different stages in life that has us contemplating the reason we are here, what we are meant to be and do. In my teens I was focused on pursuing a tennis scholarship. It's all I thought about and all I wanted. In my early twenties, I was on my own and wanted total independence. I had completed a three year architectural diploma and was now pursuing an architectural degree while working full time and married with a young daughter.  Life in my early twenties was nothing short of a roller coaster ride. During these early years, our independence is like our oxygen, every inhalation has us wanting more.

In my thirties, I was an inspired entrepreneur. The independence that I craved in my former years seemed to carry forward in my career. I had left the field of architecture to pursue an entirely new way of being completely unaware of what the hell I was doing. It was at this point where I pursued the deeper meaning of life. The bigger questions like: Why are we here and What are we meant to be and do reverberated through my cerebellum. These questions lived in me throughout the various stages of my life, always present like a splinter in my mind. 

It is our calling to shine a light and act on these questions. Our enlightenment varies for each one of us. Our awareness of our deeper existence is only ignited when we consciously choose to become aware that there is a bigger meaning surrounding our lives and what we are meant to be and do with the time that we have been gifted. I have become deeply aware of the gift of life and our choice to make our mark on it. WE ARE ALL MEANT FOR MORE. We are meant to lift one another up, by making each other aware of our greater contribution in this world. 

Don't let another second pass you by without taking notice of your life. Become who you were meant to be.