Why Time

Monday, April 25, 2016

TGIM: Thank God I'm Moving

In my latest book titled: 'I Don't Know What the Hell I'm Doing' I share an insight called momentum.  It doesn't matter where you currently are.  What matters most is the momentum and the direction that you're heading in.   

What you focus on expands.  Flow your energy in the direction of the life that you're creating.  The life that you're creating is a pebble in a pond.  You achieve momentum through a few daily actions that are aligned with your purpose.  When you take action, you create the ripple effect. 

Momentum is a powerful force.  It's like a water pump that takes a lot of energy at the start to get the water up but once it starts you only need a bit of momentum to keep it flowing.   

Similar in life, you need to be that momentum.  You are the one that will take the action.  No one else needs to get it.  Today, get yourself into a higher state of motivation.  See and feel the life that you're creating.  Fixate only on the end result and take daily action.  Stay the course.  Keep pumping that handle until the water starts to flow.