Why Time

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Release and GO

You've dipped your toes for long enough. You've contemplated, wondered, conceived and dreamed so it's to time to go. It's time to release the fear that has been holding you back.  It's time to rev up those engines and release the breaks on your life.  It's only energy and what you focus on expands so just go and be what you have been seeking. It's time to release the energy of what others think about what you want to do with your life.  Here is the thing, they are to busy worrying what others think of them so stop wasting any more energy on their approval, you don't need it you just need to go. It's time to release the weight of the past and start to control the only thing that you have ever been able to control ~ the power of this moment. You will have all the power you need when you take action and become what you are seeking. It's going to create discomfort but it's only through discomfort that we grow. For things to change you have to change.