Why Time

Thursday, May 8, 2014

How are you staying connected to your WHY?

I define the WHY as the World Helped by You. This is a way of being for me. It gives way to my how and it's fuelled by my passion and my purpose daily. Living your WHY does not stop after your marketing agency helps you create a new  mission statement or slogan. Living your WHY is your declaration to the world that you are here, now in this place, at this time to create something remarkable,something brilliant. Your time here is beautiful but brief. What you choose to do with this time is totally upto you. If you wanted to be remembered for someone that made a difference in other peoples lives than you need to take daily action that is aligned with your WHY. This action goes beyond capturing more market share.  Your WHY is not driven by simply hitting your sales quota every month. When you are living your WHY daily, you are filled with a greater sense of purpose which ultimately gives you peace.  This is what we all seek.  

Your WHY will wait for you but soon you won't have that opportunity to make that choice to wait. Living your WHY starts today, continues when you drift off to sleep with gratitude for how you lived today. It continues when you thrust out of bed, enthusiastic about launching into your one precious life. 
Today will never come again. Your mark on this earth will last a lifetime if you commit to making someone else's life better. 

So how do you re-connect with your deeper WHY? 1. Become REFERABLE.  Become someone who is trusted and regarded as living with passion and purpose. Become someone that others want to share. 
2. Become REMARKABLE. This is a statement to others that you are an extraordinary game changer. You elevate the game simply by becoming aware of your ability to chane the game. You defy gravity by defying the odds. 
3. Become REGARDED. This is your opportunity to become top of mind and be referenced in every conversation. The top clients ask you by name while others quote and glorify you. You are connected to something bigger than yourself and others feel it.   

Commit today to allocating energy only to those functions and activities that keep you connected to your deeper WHY. Perform every action using this R FACTOR as your new level of measurement. 

Structure your days into 5 THINQ days:
T: BIGGER THINK DAYS - day dreaming and what if days. 
H: HIGH PERFORMANCE DAYS - they need to be remarkable. 
I: INSPIRING OTHERS DAYS - discovery and intention on helping others. 
N: NEW ACTION DAYS - success habits continually aligned with your bigger goals. 
Q: QUESTION DAYS - deep, soulful and restful days that nurture your mind, body and soul. Non-work days. 

GAS fuels your WHY

There are essentially three main areas to unleashing WHY power. The first I refer to as a IGNITE your WHY. Most people, entrepreneurs and even leaders in organizations miss or skip this fundamental step. The second and third stages of WHY cannot follow without a clear intention of WHY you exist. What you intend to create and the outcomes that you wish to see for others. The outcomes cannot simply be focused on more money. To often, I see people leap into action with non-defined goals, strategies and creative tactics. These individuals rely solely on hope. Organizations that grow at rapid speeds have a tendency to loose sight of their deeper WHY that may have been ignited so long ago. Apple is the best example of a global, publicly traded multi billion dollar company. It started off with a very clearly defined WHY ignited by passion, purpose and an outcome to push the human race forward. Every strategy, action and tactic supported this driving WHY. During the 10 year period that it's founder Steve Jobs left Apple the company abandoned it's WHY and in it's WAY. Upon Steve Job's return in 1997, the company was producing over 50 products had tripled its size and complexity in all areas. It was also 6 weeks from insolvency. What Steve Jobs brought back to Apple was its soul, it's passion, purpose and outcome. 

This leads to the second fundamental concept to unleashing WHY power - LAUNCH your WHY. Every tactic, strategy, was powerfully connected to Steve Job's WHY. As a leader ask yourself: Why do we exist? What drives our passion and purpose and what are the outcomes that we want others to experience? How will the World be Helped by You? 

Only after you has mastered these 2 levels of WHY, are you able to proceed to the third and final level. LIVE YOUR WHY. This is where the pedal meets the medal. There is no second guessing only inspired action through powerful Goal setting, Action and Sustainability which I refer to as GAS. Most people will never create clearly defined and measurable goals. Others won't even write them down. You must define goals with so much clarity and visualized every single day. Most people are not setting goals that are stretching themselves. A majority of people have already reached certain goals and they're still living in past goals fueled by past habits that no longer serve your next level of growth.  It's this mindset that is holding you back from stretching and reaching the next quantum level. Once a goal is clearly defined in this way it's time to apply action. Without action there can be no reaction. Action must be performed on a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis. It is not enough to simply visualize a goal without the required action and persistence fueling that goal. This is where sustainability enters. Achievers recognize the power of persistence. It's not enough to perform the act once in a while randomly whenever you feel like it. To get what you want you must focus only on that which you wish to create and take powerful daily, weekly and monthly action to move you forward. 

The only thing that will drive your sustainability are new, powerful success habits. The current habits that you are living are the result of older goals and habits. To reach a new level requires the creation of larger, stronger and more sustainable habits. This process will lead to the creation of a new mindset which will ultimately impact your behavior.     The key is to recondition your mind, body and soul on a regular basis to stretch to the next level of growth. The discomfort that you're currently experiencing is your mind, body and soul encouraging you to redefine your goals. You need to ignite your why and reconnect with your passion and purpose and develop new success habits that are aligned with your bigger goals. This approach to Igniting, Launching and Living your WHY is going to move you to the level that you now know you're ready to achieve.