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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

July 29 SOLD OUT Social Media Boot Camp

We hosted a great event to a sold out crowd of 25 plus delegates at our exclusive Social Media Boot Camp in Burlington, ON. For a bit of a preview of our raw and live video feed, please preview:

Trevor Rudd and I will be posting links to files and notes over the next few days so stay tuned for access to these files. In the meantime, please feel free to add comments to this BLOG as a means of connecting with one another. We focused today on the power of BLOGGING, using Blogger.com, as well as creating your YOUTUBE channel, using Twitter to connect the social media elements. We spent time on LinkedIN and how to dig deeper into this amazing business tool.

We presented a series of tips and principles: Some of our top tips are:
1. Get Started and don't wait.
2. Select just a couple of tools, for now, create your Twitter Account, this will only take you 2 minutes. Then spend more time creating your LinkedIN account. Start inviting people to join your network and ask for recommendations so you can start building a solid brand on line.
3. Take breaks and schedule your social media time, ie. 20 minutes a day.
4. Start joining some groups, go where the conversation is and get involved.
5. Be a giver and send tips on a regular basis for your area of expertise.
6. Encourage your membership to use only Social Media sites that you have designated for publishing news and events. Encourage these users to use these tools instead of emailing, this will increase collaboration.
7. Look at connecting all of your social media sites, this is referred to as convergence. For example, if you create a Google Account, you can then connect your Twitter and YouTube accounts. So if you upload a video on YouTube like the one you see here, it automatically updates your Twitter status, very cool.

For more information and notes from Trevor Rudd, please visit www.jobquirk.com to access Trevors notes.
Keep the conversation going, find Trevor and I on LinkedIN, YouTUBE and Twitter and join our conversation, we love chatting with you all.