Why Time

Monday, March 23, 2015

See yourself.

See yourself living the life you deserve. See yourself receiving the love you crave. See yourself living with abundance in all areas of your life. Sadly we let others influence how we 'should' see ourselves. We allow their hesitation in creating their life to impact our choices and actions. Everything you seek is an inside job and it starts with you seeing yourself. Learn from the great ones in the past - they led the way. Soceity wanted to hold them down from pursuing what meant most to them. Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Nelson Mandella and Abraham Lincoln just to name a few. They perserved only as a result of fixating on the end result of what they believed they could create. Their unwavering faith created a shield of energy and protected them from being influenced by the naysayers and the ankle biters. 

Wish those around you well but give them little attention. Instead, focus solely on what you wish to experience. Allocate all your positive energy there. Spend 20 minutes a day seeing yourself being and doing the marvolous things that you know deep down inside you are capable of acheiving. You don't need to see the entire path you only need to see and feel the end result. 
We see you.