Why Time

Monday, April 20, 2015

Day 7 Dream Again: write out your dream

What is your dream? How do you see living it? Where will you be in 5 years and more importantly how will you feel knowing you have arrived? Going day by day and hoping that your life will change is an illusion reserved for the movies. You have to become intentional and on fire with desire for creating the life you imagine. It's only going to happen by you taking control of it, writing it out in vivid detail. 

Close your eyes and see yourself meeting up with your future self in 5 years. What are you wearing? Where are you living? How is your energy? Are you at peace? What does it feel like? How are you being of service to others and to the world. Write out this beautiful and gorgeous vision of the life that you wish to create. Fill up the pages with love and passion then read it aloud every single day and take one powerful action everyday that would connect you even more to your vision. Give yourself permission to dream again.