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Monday, February 4, 2013

Drive your Curiosity

Drive your Curiosity

As I sit here in my Red Chair, preparing for a series of national and international key notes, I am inspired to share with you my latest Red Tip on the power of ‘driving your curiosity’. Everyday I am fascinated with the world around me. This past weekend I shared an incredible moment with my 12 year-old daughter Sophie, the newest contributing author in my upcoming book: Young DEFYeneurs™. The premise for this book stems from the need to continually marvel at all the wonder that is in front of us each and every day. As a parent, I have come to realize the power of the ‘moment’. It’s not the quantity but rather the quality of time that we spend with our loved ones that matter most. I shared with my life partner this weekend my feelings on: ‘What Matters Most’. Life has a funny way of taking over. In the process of constant “doing” we can easily forget what matters most in our lives. Hitting “pause” and intentionally carving out time allows us to get back on track and live what matters most. This also requires consistently checking in and taking stock of what matters to us to bring about a new level of awareness. I experienced an even higher level of connection with my life partner as we shared our values, hopes and dreams with one another. At times, there was a bit of discomfort, however, as we continued to step into our discomfort, we realized that we both want and value the same things in life. Sharing with her what matters most reminded me of the magic that brought us together in the first place.

This is a powerful question that I encourage you to live today by asking yourself: What matters most to me? Then share what shows up with your loved ones, your children, your spouse, your partner and even your team.

As I continue to live in a higher state of intention, new opportunities continually present themselves to me daily. Whenever I create with a client, I am always focused on centering them with what really matters most. I continually ask them: What do you want to create? What can you control in this very moment? What actions can you take that move you one step closer to your goals? Questions drive new levels of curiosity. In Deepak Chopra’s new book titled: ‘Super Brain’ he reaffirms my belief that the power of knowledge is rooted in curiosity. He expresses that it is our responsibility to drive curiosity and when we continually get curious with the world around us, we feel inspired. As children, we marveled at the world and became curious with our potential and possibility. Somewhere along the line, as adults, we stopped becoming curious and settled for the familiar. In Deepak’s new book, he shares evidence, that remaining in a continual state of curiosity throughout our lifetime, actually may prevent symptoms of senility and brain aging.

Tip: Always remain curious by being a rookie and a pupil of life. Strive to take on new challenges. Create one new success habit every month by living it for 30 consecutive days. Remain open to new opportunities and listen to others with the intent of understanding rather than responding.

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