Why Time

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

What's your climb?

Once you come to the realization that most of the world will not support your vision or your dreams, you can start your climb.  What is your climb?  

What is the journey that your heart desires? How do you want to live each day knowing this way of existing will flow fulfillment your way?

This climb is going to take a new kind of oxygen and inner-belief. You're going to have to leave a few people at the base of the mountain.  This isn't their time and it's not their climb and that's totally ok.  

This is all about you.  You're the only one that can change you and everything around you. What is the change that's driving the climb? It's everything.  It's your outlook on the world and your inward view of who you want to become.  
Your climb is an inner-knowing that you are meant for more.  

To make the climb you have to be willing to prepare yourself mentally, physically and spiritually. The old way of being helped you reach this point in your life. To reach a new summit however,  you're going to have to let go of the heavy baggage that's been holding you back.  You're going to have to lighten up the load by simplifying your life.  

I don't know how much time you've got left but I'm excited about reaching out and pulling you up. I'm inspired to help you plant your flag and watch your heart smile as you marvel at all the wonderful beauty of your life.