Why Time

Monday, January 18, 2016

Challenge your way to fulfillment

In my 3rd edition of THINQ cards - I ask readers the following question: What challenges are you most grateful for? What discomfort had to happen to propel you to the place where you now stand? What failure had to bring you to your knees so you could stand up again and then again until you failed your way to success?  

We often overlook the power of adversity   within our lives as a catalyst for our greatest growth. These teachings and learnings are present everywhere in our past. 

Every great achievement ever realized was always on the brink of failure. The two are so closely related that it's often hard to distinguish. There's no doubt that there are things in your life that you have to quit in order to make way for the actions that have to stick. 

It's far to easy to stop yourself moving forward and allowing the opinions of others to influence how you will live and love your life. See every failure as a challenge and a step forward. Every action and every learning is moving your life forward.