Why Time

Monday, June 9, 2014

Tell your story...

We all have a story to tell and a message to share. What resides deep inside you that you have a passion for sharing? Would your message and unique gifts impact others? Life is so brilliant but brief.  Many of us still feel as if we have a lifetime to take action on our dreams. I meet so many extraordinary people that are still waiting for permission to contemplate what they want most. They are waiting to be discovered, waiting to be asked to speak, waiting to be published, waiting for the order to come in. Create your own opportunities by sharing your intention with the world. Now is the time to drive it with GREATER passion and intensified vigour. 

Inside of you is an extraordinary light that others need to see, hear and feel. They need to experience your journey not just once in a while but consistently. Find a way to share your story using different mediums that connect with hearts. Push yourself daily to be heard. Your words and actions are energy. They have power and when shared daily can move mountains. 

Here is a great way to help you get started telling your story using Emma Coats fairy tale outline taken from the book 'show your work' by Austin Kleon. I want you to fill in the blanks using your own story: "Once upon a time,there was _______. Everyday, _______. One day,_______. Because of that, ________ and because of that, ________. Until finally, _______. "

I love sharing a BLOG every morning which I refer to as a YLOG.  It feeds my greater purpose which is to inspire you to action and unleash your WHY power. Inside of us is a deeper passion, purpose that together fuels a greater outcome for the world. This is my true joy to help you unleash your WHY to the world for I know that the World will be Helped by You.

Maintain momentum

You are being challenged right now more than ever. You're being faced with some of the toughest challenges. It's making you question your very reason for being. It feels like the universe is throwing a whole new set of challenges at you. For the past year or so, you've been up to NEW things and finally living with greater awareness for how you want to be in this world. You have adopted a new mindset for what is truly possible for you. This is your greatest race, the biggest chapter of your life is now unfolding. You may feel alone and tremendous discomfort. You have arrived. Your greatest level of growth is about to blossom. You need to stay the course, dance your dance and sing your song. Your art will move mountains and touch so many lives. It's to easy to give up, that's what most people do but not you. 

You have a deeper sense of belief in yourself. You feel more awake and your senses are more alive. You no longer want to be told what to do and how to feel. You're ready to set your own sail and chart your own path. You feel so alive and you want to challenge the status quo and yourself. You have never pushed yourself in this way and yet you are still here creating, innovating and pushing beyond the pain. Others around you still don't get you and that's brilliant because they don't need to. You are the only one that needs to see and believe it.

Maintain momentum and start paddling downstream. Remove all of the barriers and the energy that no longer serve you. Surround yourself with people that want to see you succeed. Here's the thing, it's not where you currently are that matters but the direction that you are continually focused on heading in.  

Just the journey

I meet so many extraordinary people that are in search of greater meaning and purpose. They have an inkling of what they want to achieve but become stalled with getting started. As I reflect on my life, specifically the past 7 years, I have experienced the greatest journey, passion, purpose and love. Every opportunity for growth was a result of embracing all of my discomfort as my greatest teachers. 

What if we all started to live our lives through a different lens? One where we approach the journey as the end point. How would you embrace all of the people, circumstances, teachings and gifts around you? Would you be able to find greater peace and happiness knowing in your heart that you have already achieved that which you were only pursuing?  The key is to replace your state of wanting with a mindset of knowing.  

Life is a brilliant canvass for our lives. We all have an ability to create a masterpiece. We can choose the scene, colour and feel of our lives. We can decide how we want to live, who we want to love, where we allocate our energy and how we wish to be. We choose the brush, we create the strokes and connect the dots. We can breathe in and out with the gifts of our lungs and we can see all of the beauty that surrounds us everyday with the gifts of our eyes. We can run to the things we want most with the gifts of our legs and we can embrace the ones we love with our beating hearts. We are alive now, here and in this moment. We are all destined for something so great. We all have been given the opportunity to celebrate our wondrous journey. 

Everyone is a teacher...

Someone very close to me taught me the  importance of viewing everyone in your life as a great teacher. The people in your life show up exactly the way they were meant to in order to reveal something inside of you. We are all on an incredible journey. We are all meant to thrive and connect with one another for one single purpose - to push the human race forward. 

It's easy to feel that you are alone especially in this connection age. You look around this world that we have created and it's easy to become lost and numbed out to its virtual progress. This world has become fast-paced, portable, online and offline. Apps tell us how we should feel and what we should experience. Our screens get thinner and bigger yet we still are unable to see our greatness. Drive-throughs, shopping malls and 3-car garages seem to dominate our daily lives. How is this 'progress' enhancing your life? How are you connecting in ways that deepen relationships? If you were to leave this earth tomorrow, would the 4 billion users on social media truly miss you? Yet we allocate 1/3 of our energy to feeding it. 

All of us are meant to experience more. We are meant to learn, stretch and grow into the best possible versions of ourselves. We are meant to lift others up and pour our gifts into the service of others. This task is not reserved for just missionaries it is an innate human characteristic that we have all been gifted. Some of us feel as if we have nothing left to learn. The greatest level of growth is remaining humble and open to the teachings of others. This can show up in so many brilliant ways: an irate driver teaches me empathy. A rude and upset waitress teaches me compassion. A homeless person teaches me humility. My daughters invoking self-harm teaches me the gift of life. Angela, the love of my life teaches me daily the gift of true love.  

Today, pause and reflect even for a brief moment as to the gifts that have been put in your path. What magic are they meant to reveal about you in this moment. What change do YOU need to experience in yourself in order to change the way you look at things?