Why Time

Monday, March 23, 2009


An exciting week, as all around us the world continues to be shocked, events collapse yet my team and I along with Mike Lipkin continued on with our pursuit to creatively inspire 1 million people. For the past 3 months, I have worked 11 hour days to ensure our BIG THINK event is on. I am so pleased to announce that it is! For 2 days, Mar 27 and 28, along with my partners, stellar sponsors and Mike Lipkin, we will be focusing all of our energy over 2 days by inspiring between 75 and 100 BIG THINKERS. I am personally delivering 2 key notes at the BIG THINK, one focused on the Power of being a Master Presenter and a second focused on the magnificence of Getting Creative and unleashing your core genius.
Check out the program for Istanbul at: http://www.imiconferences.com.tr/innovation/index.php?content=overview

This is a busy week, prior to the BIG THINK on Friday, I will be delivering a luncheon key note in Toronto on Thursday March 26 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre to the Canadian Special Events Magazine. I will be creatively inspiring 150 delegates from the tourism and hospitality industry to GET CREATIVE.

I recently received exciting news on 2 major key note presentations, thanks to my agency, The National Speakers Bureau. One is at the end of April to the Ontario Career Colleges, I have the esteem pleasure of working with this group in helping Ontario Career Colleges stand out and differentiate themselves. In June, I will be speaking internationally in Istanbul, Turkey on the Power of Innovation. This international group is looking for ways to be more innovative during these economic times. I look forward to all of these upcoming presentations and key notes, Emily and I will be sure to include thoughts on our trek through Istanbul later in June. Some other events that you can catch me at include:
  • March 26, Metro Toronto Convention Centre

  • March 27 and 28, The BIG THINK, KingBridge Centre, King City

  • April 1, The City of Hamilton Public Works Department

  • April 16, Fort Erie Chamber of Commerce AGM

  • April 30 and May 1, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Career Colleges of Ontario