Why Time

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

How will you love before you die?

It's not a typo - how will you love is the focus for this mornings WHY BLOG. You either live with love or fear. These two emotions cannot coexist. When you start to love everything that shows up in your life, you start to become the very thing you are seeking.  

Love is what binds us all as a species. We have been given the extraordinary ability to love one another. I'm not referring to standing in line on Feb 14 in the morning to pick out a valentine card for your significant other, I'm referring to a deeper and selfless love for your fellow human being. 

What do you need to embrace today to allow love to flow into your heart? What energy do you need to release that has been holding you back from experiencing new levels of love, first for yourself and then for others around you. 

Today, look into the mirror as many times as you can and tell yourself you love you. Love everything around you without expectation.