Why Time

Friday, June 10, 2016

Rise above it

Where you currently exist in your life and how you are feeling and all the energy coming at you is not who you really are! You need to rise above it.  

All of the naysayers, the ankle biters and the ones that just don't get you, don't define the bigger version of you.  
You need to rise above it.  

Look around at your life. Look at all the stuff you've accumulated. Look at the awards, and the certificates neatly hung on the walls. Take in the surroundings, the new paint colour and the pillows, the reorganized garage, all of it cannot tell you who you are really meant to be.  
You need to rise above it.  

You are a being of light, pure potential, created to experience the gift of life.  So how do you rise above it? By noticing and becoming aware of your life. By becoming aware of your deeper self that exists to experience joy (your passion). 

You rise above it by looking up beyond your current state of mind and your circumstances and sharing your gifts with the world (your purpose).  

You will rise above it by knowing that you deserve the love.  You are not alone and you are meant to discover the real you. You rise above it by releasing the fear and replacing it with a deeper love for yourself.   

You don't need to know what the hell you're doing so let it all go.  Rise above it all, it's your time, you're ready and we see you up there.