Why Time

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Still here...

Not that long ago you didn't think you could make it through but somehow you pushed through the pain and came out the other side. Everyone that has tried to bring you down to their level has made you who you are today, stronger, more radiant and more focused on building your dreams.

Not that long ago you looked up and saw a mountain worth climbing. You didn't think you had the skills or the belief to make it through that journey but somehow you did and you're here on the other side. 

You faced every surmountable obstacle with a sense of determination and belief. What if everything you've been through was all a test to prepare you for the journey that you are now ready to face. Nothing can stop you now - no one and no obstacle is to great. This is your time to climb that summit and shout out to the world - 'I'm sill here.'